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Small and Home Business Owners MUST Find Another Internet Advertising Platform

Facebook Is Emerging As A Traffic Super Power

Traffic and leads are the lifeblood of every internet marketers business. With the current explosion of internet network marketers … experts are calling this the global entrepreneurial movement … finding ways to get more traffic and cost effective PPC advertising is a HUGE concern. One of the biggest questions being asked by internet marketers today is "Where are we going to get our traffic from?". This question comes in the wake of the "Google Massacre" that's been occurring in the online network marketing industry over the past 12 months. Everyone has been affected by Google's super strict MLM / Network Marketing / Work From Home  advertising rules and it is costing online network marketers millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Until very recently Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN  were the prominent tools used by most people when seeking information or feedback on something quickly. Instantaneous input about people, places and things can now be gotten on Facebook. Facebook is the third largest "country" in the world … over 550,000,000 people are using the social networking site. You can get real time feedback on just about any kind of product or service on Facebook. No wonder Facebook started seeing more traffic than Google about 7 months ago. Facebook is THE most popular site on the Internet today.


Newspaper, yellow page and magazine advertising is decreasing rapidly. On the other hand, PPC expenditures and Facebook advertising reports show a consistent increase. Because of the laser focused targeting technology used by Facebook, people no longer need to search for information and advertisements – it finds them.  If you are a Facebook user, you know exactly what I mean … all of those little ads on the right hand side of your Facebook pages are specifically targeted to the things that YOU told Facebook you like. Statistics show that advertising revenue is plummeting with local newspapers while PPC ads and free social communities like Facebook are booming! Social marketing, peer-to-peer marketing, is where the next internet marketing "Gold Rush" will be found.

As I mentioned above, Facebook takes traditional pay per click advertising to a much more highly targeted level. Facebook has the ability to tap into a user’s profile, as well as the personal information a user typically adds to their wall and profile every day. All of that information is used to make it possible for companies and business owners to target their ideal customers and clients with a sharp shooter's precision.  With Facebook it is possible to go much further than the basic demographics of age and gender.   Facebook lets businesses market directly to people on the basis of their favorite movies, books, celebrities, shoes, etc.  Facebook enables you to precisely pinpoint your ideal clients and customers and directly advertise to them.

Right now Facebook advertising stands head and shoulders above other pay per click platforms because you get to include an image with your advertisement. This is very significant because most people are very visual and an eye catching image coupled with a strong call to action increases the probability of a high click through rate allowing you to generate very qualified leads for your business, product or service.

Some VERY savvy internet marketers have been carefully studying and testing the potential of Facebook PPC advertising and they are reporting very compelling results. Jonathan Budd is a top internet marketer that immediately felt this major shift in advertising when he lost his ability to advertise with Google forever. He knew that he needed to find a rich traffic source IMMEDIATELY, so he focused all of his attention on learning how to effectively use Facebook advertising. Jonathan tells his story way better than I ever could, so take a few minutes to watch the first video in his Get Traffic 3.0 series. He gives alot of compelling reasons why Facebook PPC should be part of a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy.

These videos are the prelude to Get Traffic 3.0, a brand new, elite coaching program that Jonathan will be opening up in the next week or so. The videos will show you how to Google-proof your advertising should YOU ever lose your advertising privileges with Google.

JB is giving away access to the videos in exchange for your e-Mail address. The information is very valuable and JB produces really cool videos (steal his marketing ideas while you are watching) so I think that it is a very fair exchange. You can always opt out of his mail list if you don't want to hear from him anymore. However, JB treats his list like family and always shares really great content. If he didn't, he wouldn't be where he is today.

Here is where I am going to tell you why you should not invest in this coaching program.

  • If you are an absolute beginner to internet marketing and online network marketing this is NOT for you. PPC advertising, be it on Google, MSN, Yahoo or Facebook, costs M O N E Y. If you don't have certain things in place, if you don't know what you are doing, you WILL LOSE YOUR SHIRT. If the words "keyword research" sound like Greek to you, you are not ready for this course and you should talk to me. Does that mean you shouldn't watch the videos … absolutely not. Expose yourself to this high quality information and get educated. When you are ready to step up and include paid advertising in your marketing game plan, THAT is when you get the training you will need to be successful.



  • If you are an info junkie collecting a Hard-Drive full of "training" that you will get to when you need it, do both of us a favor and STOP IT. Too many people are "addicted" to the buzz of buying training course after training course, thinking they just did something to build their business by buying the latest and greatest "How To" rather than actually DOING THE WORK needed to implement, test and tweak what they just learned. If you need help with this … let me know. I learned how to break free from this craziness and I want to help you do the same.


  • I am an affiliate for this coaching program, which means that I will be paid a commission for every sale that I make of this program. I believe that this information is VERY valuable because what Google does affects EVERYTHING that happens on the internet. I know that Jonathan over-delivers on both his FREE content and his PAID trainings. I have personal experience with both. There are alot of other affiliates for this program out there. Many of them are offering clearly defined signup bonuses. I am offering a custom tailored bonus for everyone that signs up through my link. What that means is YOU tell me what you need help with and you get one-on-one time with me. This is VERY valuable, high-touch, time intensive coaching that is available to 5 people ONLY.  If you find another affiliate that is offering something specific that you can use right away, please sign-up with them.


So, with all that being said, Click on the video screen below and let Jonathan tell you about the profit potential of using Facebook PPC and why learning to use Facebook PPC correctly is a critical ingredient to having a multi-channel marketing strategy that produces profitable results.



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