After 20+ years as a professional chef, I have seen HUNDREDS of restaurants, chefs, purveyors start new food service venues only to be gone 3 months … six months … a year or two down the road. Some of the businesses weren’t set up properly so they folded because of poor menu design decisions, they setup business in the wrong location, the menus or products were too pricey to warrant significant consumer interest, the quality of the food wasn’t good, they were under capitalized from the get-go … all essentially poor business decisions made by inexperienced people that were trying to do things “to make money fast”.  I have also seen a fair number of food and beverage businesses have to close because of the devastating effects of civil law suits or having their reputations ruined (and seeing their customer base disappear overnight) because the establishment was closed by the local sanitation (Department of Health) authorities for food safety violations.

Since coming back online, I have, over the past couple of years, seen many people pop up and disappear off the face of the internet . They launch themselves with a whole lot of fanfare – what I call “sound and fury signifying nothing”. They make a quick buck, and then vanish into thin air because they acted like fools, hurt a ton of people and HAD to disappear.

NEITHER of those scenarios sits very well with me.

Before I could “practice food craft” with the big chefs, I had to get trained, apprentice with a “Master Chef”, and work my way up the Executive Chef ladder. One of the professional memberships that I was required to get was with the American Culinary Federation.  One of the requirements for that membership was that I agreed to uphold a “Code of Professional Culinary Ethics”.

Here are a few of the things that I swore to uphold as a Pro Chef:

  • The services I provide contribute to the health and well-being of society.
  • My education and certification qualify me to serve the public by applying safe food practices, nutritional acumen, healthy and quality food service techniques to everything I produce and serve the dining public.
  • I am individually responsible for my own actions and the quality of professional services that I provide.
  • Be alert to situations that might cause a conflict of interest or have the appearance of conflict and provide full disclosure when a real or potential conflict of interest arises.
  • Not to promote or endorse products and services in a manner that is false and misleading.
  • Collaborate with others to create a work environment that minimizes risk to the personal health and safety of my colleagues.
  • Support the efforts of other professional cooks and chefs to learn new and innovative culinary techniques and improve my own knowledge and skills.
  • Accurately represent my professional training and qualifications and not knowingly permit, aid, abet, or suffer the misrepresentation of my qualifications and training by others.
You can read the entire ACF Code Of Ethics <<<=== by clicking that link !!

Here are a few of the things that I swore to uphold as a Pro Networker and Marketer:

  • The company(s) I represent are in good standing with the FTC and sell value-based products that improve the lives of my customers.
  • I do not represent, endorse, or promote illegal pyramid schemes, or “cash-gifting” programs.
  • I pledge to conduct my business with honesty and integrity.
  • I will continually further my education and development as an entrepreneur so that I may achieve the level of success I desire by helping other people achieve the level of success they desire.
  • I respect the privacy of individuals will not sell or distribute their contact information to a third party without their permission.
You can read the entire ABN Code Of Ethics I uphold <<<===by clicking that link

What Does Ethics Have To Do With Starting, Building and Prospering In a Thriving Home Business

I have a question for you …

What kind of standards and ethics do you have in place for … your business … your life …???

Think about how your life is right now …

YOU are responsible for the current state you find yourself in …

NOT your parents …
NOT your environment …
NOT your spouse …
NOT the economy…

Y O U are responsible …
Take responsibility for your life !!

Think about the RESULTS that you are getting in your business right now…

YOU are responsible for those results.
NOT your company …
NOT your sponsor …
NOT your “coach” …
NOT your advertising …
NOT your marketing …

Y O U are responsible for the results that you are getting.

If you don’t like them … then get some coaching from someone that IS getting the results that you want … and do what they tell you to do !!

So, how do you start taking responsibility for EVERYTHING in your life ?

I did it by getting really clear about who I am, what I stand for, what I really want and how I want to be remembered when I die.

And, I went back to the basics to get really rooted in my standards and ethics.

Business Basics – Your Success In 2010 and Beyond Depends on These 10 Things is an article that I wrote as I was working on my 2010 first quarter business plan. There is some great information in that article.

Follow ME and Some of YOU Will Die is one of the most extraordinary pieces of writing that Joe Schroeder has sent out in a long time. It is all about personal ethics and standards and how those directly translate into having a wildly thriving business.

When you’re done reading and thinking …

I challenge you to come back …

Let me know what you are going to be doing differently in your life and your business to get the life that you are supposed to have !!

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