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If you are NOT getting the results that you DESERVE in your

Home Based Business, Direct Sales Business, Network Marketing Business,

Small  e-Commerce Business, Brick and Mortar or Online Business


I want you to read every single word on this page and then

make the RIGHT decision for yourself, your family and your business.



Sandi Krakowski, founder of A Real Change International, LLC recently stated…


I'm fed up with all the crap online! NO MORE!! ALL NEW Mon nite coaching call w/ webcast for US & int'l clients! FREE!! One hour LIVE every Mon: Marketing, copywriting, WordPress, Online prospecting, social media, email marketing, PPC, list building, team building, how to coach others & more!! How many of you have attended seminars & classes & are still not succeeding? ENOUGH of that! 🙂 I want to help. This third quarter Sept-Dec is HUGE for online biz growth!! Meet with me LIVE for free every Mon night on a tele-conference every week Sept-Dec!! One hour- all of us- together learning about online marketing, lead gen, list building, branding, WordPress, PPC, opt ins, copywriting & more?! This call will include different topics every week, LIVE Q & A so you can ask me any question about business you want. ANY question about time management, homeschooling (We're in our 20th year!), working at home vs working in an office, copywriting, marketing, media buys, PPC, email campaigns, auto responders, social medai- ANYTHING I can help with, I will.


Have you been to every training under the sun? Attended all the seminars? Maybe you are just like me and you even hired a coach, did EVERYTHING that you were supposed to do and you STILL aren't seeing the kind of results you want. I got sick and tired of struggling, wasting time and money with "coaches" that know less than I do … they just know how to talk a REALLY good game. And, I am sick and tired of seeing other people struggle, get LOUSY results … or even worse … get sucked into a never ending "training trap" that just leads into more coaching, and more lost time and profits.



It is time to STOP THE MADNESS. The BUCK and BS stop here !!



There really are simple solutions out there.

Sandi Krakowski knows what they are and she shares FREELY.

She totally understands the law of reciprocity and KNOWS that what you GIVE AWAY FOR FREE is ALWAYS returned to you 100 times.



Sandi does not sugar coat the truth … she tells you EXACTLY like it is.

There is NO useless fanny patting and belly rubbing in ANY of Sandi's training classes.

If that is something that you are looking for, this call will be a waste of your time.



Sandi does NOT give you a "half solution".

Her information is comprehensive and leaves nothing out. There are no "big secrets" or hidden agendas. Thank God.

I have seen and experienced enough of that garbage to last me for the rest of my life. I am sickened by the shenanigans and "manipulative" influence and persuasion tactics I see just about EVERYONE using.

(Yes … there is a way to use influence and persuasion WITHOUT being manipulative … both Sandi and I use and teach it.)



How do I know all of this …???


One thirty minute call with Sandi gave me BREAKTHROUGH results in less than 72 hours.


Over the course of the past 2 months, my results have been nothing short of SPECTACULAR. So, I decided to INVEST in private coaching with her because of those results. And, I am attending her live event in September which promises to be a marketing TRANSFORMATION and networking SUPER EVENT.



Live Conference Call With Sandi Krakowski

Every Monday Night 8:00-9:00 pm ET

Recorded- Call In Or Listen On Webcast


It all starts September 6, 2010



And … just to ensure that YOU have all the help that you need,

I am offering MY PERSONAL support via email and phone to help you get

your questions answered throughout the entire last quarter of 2010 !!


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