What Do Vichysoisse, Get Traffic 3.0 and Kajabi Have In Common?

By ~ Chef Rose Mis

Looks yummy doesn't it? How extraordinary to be able to take common potatoes, leeks, onions, chicken stock and cream, puree them and end up with a true delicacy. A classical Vichysoisse is a pure white soup that is garnished with just a few snippets of bright green chives. It is traditionally served during the summer, so it has been used as the soup course for summer weddings for decades. It makes perfect sense, the bride is all dressed up in white and the soup matches her wedding dress. Pure genius!

One of my first cooking jobs was working for a wedding caterer as his saucier. He knew that I was able to make simply amazing soups and sauces. So when he told me that he needed 10 gallons of Vichysoisse for the wedding we were cooking for, both of us just knew it was going to be the best soup ever. Vichysoisse is one of my all time favorite soups and I can whip it up in my sleep.

I got all of the ingredients together. I made a special batch of very strong, light colored chicken stock. I carefully peeled the potatoes so that there were no dark spots. Gently sweated the carefully cleaned leeks and vidalia onions. Finished cooking everything together, pureed it all with an industrial sized immersion blender (what we called an outboard motor) and chilled everything down. I needed to add the cream and the final seasonings when the base for the soup was cold so that I could get the consistency of the soup just right.

The next morning I came into work, got all of the sauces done for the big dinner. And then I went to work on my masterpiece – nice fresh heavy cream, kosher salt, some pepper and some Tabasco Sauce for just a tiny bit of extra flavor. The soup tasted like heaven had landed on my tongue. I ladled out 150 portions, garnished the cups, put everything back into the refrigerator and started helping everyone else with the rest of the food for the wedding.

We were serving hors d'oeuvres when the maitre d' came running into the kitchen screaming at the top of his lungs that the soup was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen in the 20 years he had been serving banquets. He grabbed the Chef by his arm and literally dragged him out into the dining room to show him the soup. I ran out behind them to find out what had happened.

The Chef took one look at the soup, turned around and asked me if I had been stupid enough to put BLACK PEPPER in a WHITE WEDDING SOUP? Of course I had used black pepper, it was what I had been taught to use. No one ever told me to use white pepper, so it never even occurred to me. The Chef hadn't given me a recipe because it never occurred to him that I would not make the soup the way he did.

Ideally everything that we do as business owners is done according to some kind of a tested, proven recipe. The results that we get depend on the quality of the recipe that we are using and whether or not we are precisely following that recipe or not. Something that is NOT factored into that equation is the baseline knowledge and skill required to execute the recipe properly.

What do I mean by that and how does that relate to Get Traffic 3.0 and Kajabi?

Get Traffic 3.0 is Jonathan Budd's newest coaching program that will be opening within the next couple of weeks. Do I think that this is a very valuable coaching program? I sure do. Jonathan creates GREAT training and coaching products. I have gone through a couple of them. I learned alot and got great results from the work that I had to do during the programs. But, I have learned the hard way, that I have to take action and implement what I am learning as soon as I learn it. Otherwise, it will never get done and I won't get the results that I am looking to get. I also won't be able to recoup the expense of the program and generate a profit with that new knowledge. And that is really what it is all about, isn't it?

Get Traffic 3.0 is all about Facebook PPC Marketing. Over the past year, Google has closed over 50,000 Adwords accounts belonging to small and home based business owners – network marketers, coaches, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, people in health and wellness … the list goes on. For many of those people, Jonathan included, their revenues dropped drastically. So, they had to find another way to generate traffic and leads. MSN, Yahoo and  several of the other bigger search engines simply were not delivering enough traffic, so some of these folks started investigating other alternatives.

The most promising turned out to be Facebook. Jonathan learned how to market effectively according to Facebook's rules, which are slightly different than Goggle's. He got great results and now he wants to help everyone do the same thing. There are MANY benefits to learning how to use Facebook PPC correctly. There are also some things to consider before even thinking about doing any sort of Facebook PPC Advertising.

Do you recall that I said a recipe can only be executed properly if there is a certain level of baseline knowledge and skill in place already?

Get Traffic 3.0 IS a recipe. And if you have the certain things in place, you very well could get the same results that Jonathan got. Those results were great, although he never specified how much he actually spent and how well the leads were converting. But, then again, he has released only one video and there are three more coming. I was following a conversation that Mike Klingler, another top trainer and attraction marketer, was having on Facebook. And he revealed that he had spent over $20,000 during a month's time so that he could develop baseline data for the training course he is doing which also includes using Facebook PPC. Mike flat out said,

"If you haven't FIRST identified a hungry target audience & mapped out your ENTIRE marketing funnel from A-Z don't even THINK about advertising on Facebook! You'll lose your shirt!"

So here are some guidelines to help you determine IF Get Traffic 3.0 is the right investment for you to make in your business right now:

  • If you are an absolute beginner to internet marketing and online network marketing this is NOT for you. PPC advertising, be it on Google, MSN, Yahoo or Facebook, costs M O N E Y. If you don't have certain things in place, if you don't know what you are doing, you WILL LOSE YOUR SHIRT. Learn how to use FREE marketing sources first.
  • If you don't know who your "target market" is and who your "ideal client" is, you are not ready for this course.
  • If the words "keyword research" sound like Greek to you, you are not ready for this course.
  • If you do not have a "Marketing and Sales Funnel" in place, or you do not know what that even means, this course is not for you.
  • If you are an info junkie collecting a Hard-Drive full of "training" that you will get to when you have the time do yourself a favor and STOP IT. Too many people are "addicted" to the buzz of buying training course after training course, thinking they just did something to build their business by buying the latest and greatest "How To" rather than actually DOING THE WORK needed to implement, test and tweak what they just learned. Internet marketing is constantly changing and you have to use the information you learn while it is fresh to get a return on the investment you just made in your business !!

If you would like to get access to the videos JB has done for the launch of Get Traffic 3.0 and learn more about Facebook PPC and its possibilities, please CLICK HERE . Please be advised that you will need to give JB your email address to get access to the video series. This means that you will be on JB's list during a launch, which means lots of emails. However, Jonathan provides over the top value and always treats his subscribers like they are family. Remember, you can always unsubscribe at any point, just use the link provided in the email.

Let's talk about Kajabi for a moment. Kajabi is NOT a recipe. It is a POWER TOOL (like my industrial sized immersion blender) that allows you to easily create optin pages, host and distribute sequential videos for product launches. It also allows you to create and manage membership sites. One of the creators of this tool is Andy Jenkins who has been very instrumental to the success of the recent high ticket "Guru" launches that we saw this past year. He used Kajabi as the delivery platform for those launches. I LOVE the software and all the things that it can do.

However, as brilliant as this tool is, if you don't have certain things in place (see all of the above) it simply doesn't make any sense at all for you to invest in this. If you aren't familiar with Kajabi yet, you will be. This new product is going to be HEAVILY promoted by all of Andy's affiliates and you just might be on one of their lists.

It is my understanding that Andy is going to let people "experience" Kajabi before they buy it. So, if you have any interest in taking a look at it, just head on over and watch it live and in action. There is no optin required, so Andy will not be sending you a ton of emails.

Even if you have no interest in using the product, I would watch the videos just so that I could learn from them. Andy is simply THE BEST video guy I have ever seen and his marketing is flat out amazing. He does video direct response marketing better than anyone else on the internet. If you are interested in seeing the rest of his videos and getting his free report, "The Need For N.I.C.E." you will have an opportunity to optin for that.


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