George’s BEAUTIFUL “Why” !!

What a GREAT way to spend my birthday … three great friends talking about things that make a difference and having the privilege of being able to share that with LOTS of other people. George Fourie has experienced the pitfalls and perils of life. Originally from South Africa and now a resident of Australia, it took a car crash, a broken neck and being told by his doctor that he should be DEAD for George to start moving forward fast in his life. He hopped a plane … ended up in New Orleans … hopped on board a cruise ship … found the lady of his dreams … started a family … and needed to figure out a way to support himself and his family without being able to secure traditional employment in Australia.

Take a few minutes to listen to George’s wonderfully real story of going from Musical Surfer Dude to Global Blogging Authority

Riding The Big Wave From South Africa To Australia ~ George Fourie,

Next up on Crushing It In Network Marketing is Jim Chao. Scott and I will be interviewing him this coming Friday evening at 10:00 pm EST …

Jim Chao is a young, highly successful internet network marketing superstar. However, Jim has experienced lots of ups and downs along the way.

Jim knows the pain of struggling in the network marketing industry. At one point he had to pawn his expensive guitar collectables in order to fund his business.

After discovering and mastering the use of the internet, Jim has gone from virtually dead broke to earning as much as $21,208 in a single week at the age of 22.  Thousands of people around the world contact him every month seeking out his knowledge and training !! Many have found his teachings to be truly life-changing.

So … please be sure to join us Friday evening , 10:00 pm EST … when we will be talking to Jim about his triumphs, tragedies (no kidding) and the mindset he needed to develop to make all of this happen at such a young age !!

Remember, your success for 2010 just might depend on what you do the next 90 days!!

Have you taken the time to write a 90 day game plan for Summer 2010 …???

If you have any questions about writing a 90 day game plan for yourself … let me know in the comments below !!!

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