A Season To Celebrate The Quickening Of Your Freedom and Prosperity

By: Chef Rose Mis


I see it all around me … New life, new hope, new futures forming in the midst of crisis and chaos. More people than ever, questioning the status quo, no longer willing to simply accept what they are being told as the truth. Many people challenging traditional voices of authority and demanding an accounting of why they should accept the mediocre results being produced by "doing business as usual". And some of those people are stepping out and stepping up in a big way, blazing a brilliant trail right to the prize … Freedom and Prosperity!!

We are designed to be so much more than who we believe we are right now. One of the best ways that I know of to see what I am believing about myself is to check in with what my self-esteem is saying about me.

I can't touch it, but it affects how I feel. I really can't see it, but it's there every time I look at myself in the mirror. I can't hear it, but it's there every time I talk about myself. Everything in my life shows exactly how worthy and deserving I believe I am.


My body is a reflection of my self esteem. What I eat is a reflection of my self esteem. My home is a reflection of my self esteem. What I wear is a reflection of my self esteem. My thoughts are a refection of my self esteem. My personal relationships are a reflection of my self esteem. My bank account is a reflection of my self esteem … You get the idea …

What is reflected back to me shows me exactly where I am blocking the freedom and prosperity for myself.  If I don't like the fruits … then there is something wrong with the roots (thank you T Harv Eker). I start asking myself questions that allow me to dig down far enough to find the bad roots and get rid of them. Sometimes I can do it by myself … sometimes I need someone to help me (by the way … asking for help was a VERY hard thing to do at first – my EGO hated that ;-)) But, every time I cut out the bad roots, I grow stronger and wiser.

December is when I really do some really deep digging. It helps me close out the current year by knowing exactly what I need to work on at the beginning of the new year. This helps me create alot of energy and momentum so that January starts with a big bang!

Part of my personal process is to "bless and release" the bad roots and the people associated with them. Something very powerful happens for me when I do that – my level of self-esteem skyrockets. And when my level of self-esteem goes up, better results start showing up all over the place.

I truly believe that by blessing and releasing from a loving place in my heart, I honor the other person and the gift they gave me (for me there is no such thing as failure – only the opportunity to learn and improve). And by doing that, I bless, honor and demonstrate my own openness and willingness to receive more opportunities to grow and learn.

Blessing and releasing are powerful gifts that you can give to yourself and others ANY time of the year – not just Christmastime. Here are some other gifts that you can give to yourself and others all year long.  I guarantee they will boost your self esteem in a big way and give freedom and prosperity an opportunity to quicken in your life:





Be A Good Example




Wealth, Success and Love

An Ancient Parable Penned By An Unknown Author

A woman came out of her house and saw 3 old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. She did not recognize them. She said "I don't think I know you, but you must be hungry. Please come in and have something to eat."

"Is the man of the house home?", they asked.
"No", she replied. "He's out."
"Then we cannot come in", they replied.

In the evening when her husband came home, she told him what had happened. "Go tell them I am home and invite them in!"

The woman went out and invited the men in. "We do not go into a House together," they replied.
"Why is that?" she asked.

One of the old men explained: "His name is Wealth," he said pointing to one of his friends, and said pointing to another one, "He is Success, and I am Love." Then he added, "Now go in and discuss with your husband which one of us you want in your home."

The woman went in and told her husband what was said. Her husband was overjoyed. "How nice!!", he said. "Since that is the case, let us invite Wealth. Let him come and fill our home with wealth!"
His wife disagreed. "My dear, why don't we invite Success?"

Their daughter was listening from the other corner of the house. She jumped in with her own suggestion: "Would it not be better to invite Love? Our home will then be filled with love!"
"Let us heed our daughter's advice," said the husband to his wife. "Go out and invite Love to be our guest ."

The woman went out and asked the 3 old men, "Which one of you is Love? Please come in and be our guest."
Love got up and started walking toward the house. The other 2 also got up and followed him. Surprised, the lady asked Wealth and Success: "I only invited Love, Why are you coming in?"

The old men replied together: "If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two of us would've stayed out, but since you invited Love, wherever He goes, we go with him.

Wherever there is Love, there is also Wealth and Success.


Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2011

Filled With The Blessings Of Love, Health and Freedom

As you celebrate with your friends and family, and I with mine, my heart is filled with gratitude for all of you!

You mean a great deal to me. You have become part of my big, beautiful worldwide family. And I thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving you.

With love and gratitude … Rose

  Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog” and the editor and publisher of The Frugal Networker Newsletter. She is the creator and Executive Chef of the internet's only Award Winning Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. Rose is one of the top MLM / Network Marketing bloggers in the blogoshpere and is a featured blogger at thatMLMbeat.com. You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging, marketing or mindset. Rose is here to help you get the results you are looking for as quickly and cost effectively as possible!

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