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From The Desk of Laura Denktash ~ The Rose Diva

Laura DenktashI’m proud to say that Rose Mis is my friend. We met in early 2009 on Facebook. I saw that we had similar interests-cooking, internet marketing, and writing. So I asked to be her friend. She accepted, and that has been such a blessing! We became fast cyber world friends and then began speaking by phone to discuss projects we were working on.

I quickly realized that she had a great deal of knowledge to share that could benefit me as I began two website and product launches. I had just been laid-off from a corporate job and although I had been working on my projects for some time, I was a virtual “newbie” when it came to internet marketing. Rose quickly took me under her wing and opened my eyes to what was going on. Thank goodness, because that shortened my learning curve considerably, and got me going fast!

She shared methods with me that have enabled me to extend my reach on the internet through the use of all the social media tools. By stacking those tools I was able to come from total obscurity on Google, to reaching respectable placement in almost record time! Her suggestions have been instrumental in helping me gain a greater presence on the internet. Even she has marveled at my accomplishments!

When you speak with Rose…she listens. She comes from a place of giving, service, and helping others. Enthusiastic and supportive, she can wear many hats and, she knows when to wear them. She’s helpful, personable, and approachable. Rose has become one of my closest confidants, colleagues, collaborators and coaches-all rolled into one!

Her recipe for approaching life and everything she does is a marvelous blend of spirituality and business know-how. She seasons everything she does with her personal blend of uniqueness, and she’s instilled that same quality in me. She constantly reminds me of my own unique style, and she’s helped me realize how unique my ideas are! She’s helped me honor my uniqueness and begin to use those qualities to create success. I now know that I can be successful at anything I try to do!

I’m excited to be working with Rose, exchanging ideas, and being part of her “Tribe!” I’d say the relationship we’ve built is the social marketing match made in heaven! I can’t wait to see where this takes us!

Laura Denktash

From The Office of Prakash Adkihari ~ Entrepreneur From The Top of The World

Dear Rose,

I am very glad and fortunate to be your friend. I could never have imagined all that would come to pass when we met each other through Twitter. I remember that day when I  was in café talking about having business network with foreigners and talking about success. On same day I signed up with Twitter, searched people and added you. I feel fortunate you accepted me as friend. Incredible that after that day till today when we haveprakash adhikari time we talk.

You help me with my business in Nepal and guide  me most professionally. After my meeting you and talking with you, you break down me what I need to do in internet world to get success.

After we have time to talk on Facebook, you give idea to create my own blog and have all my business on same page, how that will make other to know me and my world. How people can get all information about what I am doing.

I buy domain and hosting on the same day. We posted some information and I felt like I am flying, This was my dream too.  This change in my life goes to Rose.

Today, I am receiving 100 of email and phone call from  all over the world, and email is raising up by 3 to 5 percent  a day.

You have amazing skill to help others. You personally edit my English to make international English. You are helping me to make flyer for my cargo and honey company. Which have great result for my company. Unbelievable, when some time I think how one person can do a lot for another with out seeing one another face to face.

Rose, you have inspired and provided me with enough motivation, which constantly helps me to explore my idea and work., internet base business, networking , social network and blog.

These days my friends from home and abroad is quite impress with my website and blog, which are there through your support and help. You  have helped me to realize my potential.

You have tremendous sense to listen and provide ideas which could make any person
accomplish their dream. You have kind personality and your nature makes me to wonder if everybody was like you, then world shall be absolutely beautiful place to live in.

I am proud to be your friend. My wish for you is success for all project you are working with. You love to  work.  I Live in Nepal and you live in New York, we have time different , when I wake up it is late in New York and when I am in office its very late to talk, but still you help me with what I am doing and I let you know my all work and I ask you favor and you come out with result even at 4 am.

This is amazing what you have done for me. Everything became so clear.  I stop worrying about my future because, I can see all brightness of my future. I feel like I am shining !! I am the one who have got help from wonderful successful  person., a good human being on this Planet !

Prakash from Top Of  The World

Steve Gewecke ~ The MLM Phone Pro Speaks !!

I met Rose Mis online through Facebook in the summer of 2009.  I have made a lot of new connections through Facebook but few like Rose.  She is a very special person.  She has become a very special friend and mentor to me in my business.  I love her endless motivation and inspiration that she shares everyday with the world and most of all her huge heart for helping others. She has lifted me up numerous times with her timely encouraging words and comments.

Steve Gewecke web pic She constantly is sharing new tips, ideas, strategies, and tactics with those who are struggling in their business and she is the consummate team player.  She is a very humble person who is well respected and looked up to in our industry and deserves many thanks for all the wonderful contributions she is making to our industry such as her initiative to set up the Tribal Syndicate Network for example.  This one idea has already made an impact on my business!

Thank you Rose for being a trusted friend and mentor and I would recommend working with Rose to anyone who is looking for a seasoned mentor to work with. You will become a better person for it!

Steve Gewecke   a.k.a. “MLM Phone Pro”

Morningstar Marketing & Consulting, LLC

Steve specializes in personal branding, consulting and professional voice over and conference call hosting.


Jody Maley and Charlotte Salafia ~ Co-Creators Designed For Divine Destinations

Rose has given me and my biz partner Charlotte some great advice in the last few weeks!

Rose brings to the table aunthenticity and a desire to TRULY HELP people in their chosen field with MLM!Jody M

Rose gives an ‘honest opinion’ of what your wasting your time and money on…and a solution that will best meet your needs…

All with a quick wit and blending what you truly love (for her its a passion in food and stirring up some wonderful word recipes) to be successful in today’s market!

We highly recommend Rose….Keep it up! You are amazing!

Jody & Charlotte

Julie Williams ~ Sherpa Marketing

J Facebook PhotoRose and I are accountability partners in a personal development program and I am so lucky

to have her as my partner!  She brings insights and wisdom to every single conversation we have.

Her ability to look at things with her own unique “lense” and shed her always-helpful perspective

is a true blessing in my life.  I can count on her in every sense of the word — to not miss our calls,

to provide guidance, to give me a shoulder to share joys and sorrows and so much more.

She’s truly a unique soul and one I am proud and honored to know! ~ Julie

Colleen Rocha ~ Independent Distributor For TamPogo

The Universe is Always Cooking Something Up…

For the last 8 months I have watched my life’s path unwind from a mountainous mess into a much smoother and more joyful ride.

I have met so many people that have helped me on this journey but Rose Mis has not only helped me but inspired me to become even more…


More confident in my ability to create a presence online.Colleen and Frankie cropped 2

More experienced in showing others how to do the same.

More willing to give more value than anyone expects.


Rose is a true flower among the thorns…


Her to the point way of explaining social networking, blogging, relationship building and network marketing has helped me to become the Smarter Networker and now I am sharing my knowledge with others to help them work smarter not harder.


Rose I will never be able to thank you enough; so all I can hope to do is share the banquet of knowledge that you have cooked up in me; together we will create a masterful feast of knowledge! ~ Colleen

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