A Halloween Salute To The Ghouls and Goblins, Princes and Paupers, And Masked Strangers Of Attraction Marketing  ~ Chef Rose Mis

I read a post th
e other day by Erika Napoletano, (RedHeadWriting.com) that had me laughing so hard I almost wet my pants. Her style is VERY much her own … she is RAW (she sure does cuss alot) … she is DIRECT … and most important of all … she is herself and makes no apologies for it. Her blog post was about BUZZ WORDS. You know, the words that everyone in your niche is using …

You and your buzzwords. They’re meaningless. They’re the uncooked spaghetti of marketing-speak: you throw them out there and they don’t stick, they just fall to the floor with a pathetic splat. And it’s because they no longer have meaning. [ Click here to read the rest of her post … fair warning … it is NOT for the faint of heart or for anyone that is easily offended … BUT … it is an EXCELLENT post .. kudos to The Redhead ;-)]

I've been reviewing alot of blogs the past couple of weeks because of the Top 50 MLM Blog Competition.  And something that has been popping up everywhere is authenticity and transparency – how apropos considering Halloween is two days away. Ummm … "The lady doth protest too much, methinks ~ Hamlet"

Ideally Attraction Marketing Is All About Authenticity and Transparency

I would like to put some definition around those two words because being transparent and authentic aren’t necessarily the easiest things to do. There really is a fine line between being “real” and being “too real” and a gaping chasm between real experience and  theoretical regurgitation. 

People are looking for others to connect and identify with. They want  truth, honesty. and vulnerability. The kind of stuff you find in REAL LIFE, because our "attraction marketing hubs", our "marketing nerve centers" (blogs) 😉 are a personal medium. Ideally, we are speaking on a one-on-one level with our readers and subscribers. 

Keeping it real is critical because it hard to maintain a pretense if you follow a regular posting schedule (eventually, you will reveal your true voice). The minute people read something that is not congruent with who you have been, their BS-o-Meter goes into overdrive and they will be totally turned off, just as in real life. If what you are telling people to believe and who you show yourself to be, do not make sense … are not in alignment,  people will feel mis-lead and lied to. Because this is such a personal medium, people will feel like you broke an unwritten contract with them, that you have violated their trust.

In my humble opinion, authenticity exists when there is something real and genuine at the your core that you express day in and day out in your true voice. It is something that comes from unique real life experience that can never be taken away from you.  It is your individual essence.

Transparency means that you are honest and open about the things that you talk about. You should always be honest about who you are. Do you speak your truth even though it may upset a few people along the way? Do you pretend to be someone that you really aren't? (Faking it until you make it?) Do you talk to people on your blog one way and talk to people in real life differently?

There are no shades of transparency. Transparent is see-through. Your readers and subscribers are simply too smart, and even the newer folks out there know how to use Google. (Try hiding from that!) Transparency isn’t about sharing your deep dark secrets, it’s about engaging with people who have opinions about what you are talking about. And, if you treat your blog like a recycling plant, it will fail. Theoretical regurgitation might be ok in college when you are taking your finals. But, in real life, people are searching for viable solutions from experienced, credible resources. (You gotta show proof !!) Transparency and integrity – you can't have one without the other. And without them, EVERYTHING is a struggle. This is why so many people don't have success with Attraction Marketing.

I am filing a cease and desist order on the words "Authenticity and Transparency".  No more uncooked marketing-speak spaghetti. I am delightfully myself … wrinkles, warts and wattles. YOU are perfect just the way you are. We deserve the right to honor ourselves, our interests and our passions. The right people will be honored by us being true to ourselves.

My Halloween question for you is, "Are you a Trick or are you a Treat?"


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