Sandi Krakowski made a VERY PROFOUND statement in her Monday newsletter this morning. (If you aren’t subscribed to her newsletter … what the heck are you waiting for …???) Sandi has a simple, very fresh, profitable approach to building a business online. Her style is all her own … and is a key part to her very unique value proposition …

Talk With People Not At Them – The age of Network Marketing and Door To Door Salesmen Alpha-Syndrome are gone. Good-bye! People no longer respect people who just talk at them and tell people what to do. They seek someone to connect with. (Why do you think pornography is so popular online) Social Media creates this connection in a way that no other channel or medium will. Respect your audience, permit them to disagree with you, be who you are and allow them to be who they are. Build a community and people will follow you forever. (Read the entire article, “Make Social Media Your Slave”  by clicking this link)

It’s all about authentically and transparently connecting EMOTIONALLY with your readers and subscribers. And, that is the heart of what attraction marketing is all about.

Attraction Marketing’s Dirty Little Secret

You can fool some of the people some of the time. You can not fool everyone all of the time.

I believe with all of my heart that until someone is comfortable telling people their STORY … their REAL story …

The one that let’s everyone see all of the STUFF that was going on in life …

The divorce, the extra 150 pounds, the bankruptcy, the childhood abuse, the chemical dependency issues, the struggles with money, going broke, getting laid off, living homeless …

the warts, wrinkles and wattles story …

The STORY that got you HERE … to where you are RIGHT NOW…

People will NOT feel YOU … they will not connect with YOU emotionally …

If you don’t communicate on a heart to heart … soul to soul level with them.

When there is no connection … the opportunity for real relationship building does not exist and you are simply wasting your time.

Sure … you might be able to make some “quick money” … kind of like scoring a “one night stand” …

But, when that transaction is over and done … the party really is over… forever.

Here’s the great thing about telling your real story, the people who are supposed to hear it, do. They resonate on an emotional level with the story and with you. They say things to themselves like, wow, that sounds JUST LIKE ME. By telling your story, you allow people to imagine themselves being in your situation. When people start connecting at that level with your story, you and your story will be remembered. People will also start telling other people about you and your story.

Have you ever noticed that all LEADERS tell great stories about themselves?

And that everyone around them can tell their story too? And those “fans” do it as often as they can so that more people can hear the story? Can you tell me stories about these people …

  • Obama
  • Oprah
  • Rachael Ray
  • Malcom X
  • Mike Dillard
  • Randy Gage
  • Bill Clinton
  • Madonna
  • Susan Boyle

People Don’t Care What You Know Until They Learn How Much You Care !!!

People want to KNOW what is IN YOUR HEART.

  • How much are WE really alike?
  • How much VALUE do you place on having a relationship with ME?
  • Can you remind AGAIN of your STORY? Can I listen to YOUR HEART again?
  • What makes you MAD? Is this what I get MAD about too?
  • How can you help ME? How can you help OTHER PEOPLE?
  • HOW has your life CHANGED from what it was like before you started doing THIS THING?
  • HOW do I know that I can trust YOU? How many different stories are you going to tell me about YOU?

If You Don’t Stand For Something … If You Don’t Tell People What You Care About, What Is Important To You And Why, You Will Be Talking To An Audience Of ONE For A LONG, LONG Time. And there is NOTHING ATTRACTIVE about that at all !!

People are smart … really smart. People know when someone doesn’t FEEL right to them. People INSTINCTIVELY KNOW who is a POSER and who is the REAL DEAL. People know at a GUT LEVEL when someone REALLY CARES about them and when someone is just looking to make a buck off of them. Guess what … people can FEEL all of this through your marketing as well. Now you know attraction marketing’s dirty little secret.

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