Remember the stories about how the Wild…Wild West was won….???Wild_West

By men and women who figured out…

That in order to survive…

In order to thrive…

They had to be…

Resilient and agile…nothing could keep them down for long….

Confronted by a bear…a mountain or an impassable rock slide…

They figured out a way over…a way under… a way through…

They worked with GUIDES to take them around the unknown back way…

They were creative and did whatever they had to do to get it done…

Kind of like big fat city sewer rats…

Those creatures will ALWAYS find a way to get where they want to go…

They go over…around…through…under…sideways…upside down…

They are persistent…resistant…resilient

They simply don’t take NO for an answer…

Heck…they don’t even pay attention to the exterminator…

They have been around for MILLIONS of years….

And they will be here for MILLIONS of years in the future…

Successful entrepreneurs are JUST like big fat city sewer rats…

NOTHING stops them…

No money to start a business…they find a way…

No money to advertise….they find a way

Friends and family think that they are nuts…they find a way

Lost and can’t figure which way to go….they find a way….

They figure out how to make it work …

They go over…around…through…under….crosswise…upside down….

They are patient….persistent….driven

And…as far as I am concerned…YOU can learn how to do the same…

YOU can acquire the skills and knowledge that you need….

YOU can get what you need….

To make it work for YOU…

I know that I did…so have MILLIONS of others….

Joe Jackson says it best….

Out to the west there’s a trail that leads somewhere
And a call of the wild that takes some people there
Through Monument Valley to California sun
From New Amsterdam to the Way the West Was Won

Well, years will go by when you won’t get nowhere
You’re cold and you’re tired and you’re free and you don’t care

You keep pushin’ on when your friends keep turning back
And you keep building towns and laying railroad track
And things get crazy and you have to use that gun
And you wonder if this is the way the west is won

But keep thinkin’ that way and you won’t get nowhere
‘Cause you got a right just to get where you’re goin’ to
Gotta keep runnin’ gotta be the best
Gotta walk tall in the wild west

You keep on the move or you try to settle down
And there’s strangers from further and further away in town
And you give them some tools and they know what must be done
And you know who’s the boss and you know the west was won

And they say…
Where I come from you can’t get nowhere
I’m breaking my back for some opportunity
Making my fortune and I’ll take it all home
Tell my kids about the wild west

But there’s still beauty as the flowers bloom on desert sands
And there’s still hope as the sun rises over the Rio Grande
But it’s so crowded now and nothing’s simple any more
And they’re still knocking at your door

You hear guns in the night and you hope they’re not for you
‘Cause a dog eats a dog then he eats his master too
In the land of the free and the not so often brave
There’s both love or money, now choose which you will save

But… keep thinkin’ that way and you won’t get nowhere
‘Cause you got a right just to get where you’re goin’ to
Gotta keep runnin’ gotta be the best
Gotta walk tall in the wild west

I added a video of Joe Jackson siging “Wild West” in the box on the top right – IN-joy !!

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