I was sitting in airport lounges for hours yesterday. What would normally be a fairly quick 5 hour trip turned into 14 hours of waiting for Mother Nature to give the East Coast a break – less than 100 feet of visibility and tremendously high winds had closed LaGuardia Airport and Regan National from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm. My 6:30 am flight from Dallas had been diverted to Pittsburgh just 30 minutes before we were due to land in DC. And we had absolutely no idea of when we would be able to reboard the plane.  I seldom have that much downtime, so I put it to good use.

My mind was in overdrive thinking about the 3 day event that I had just attended in Dallas. One thing in particular kept on echoing in my mind … a very simple question that PJ McClure had posed to the audience. "What impact would it have on the people that I love and serve on a daily basis IF I fail to fulfill my purpose for being an entrepreneur?"

I was reading an email from Mike Dillard about The Elevation Group that had me shaking my head in total disbelief. My first thought was – Can these numbers actually be true? My second thought was – How sad …

Mike has had over 53,000 people from around the world register for the 90 minute video presentation that he is releasing this evening. WOW … great numbers right …??? I don't think so …

Has Rose lost her mind?

… 53,000 registrants … WOW …

them's HUGE numbers!

That is NOT a huge number if you take into consideration that over 600,000 home and small businesses are started each year in the US alone. And, even MORE significant, that number reflects the number of people who responded to promotions from some of the world's TOP marketers. Those marketers have email lists containing 500,000 + optin subscribers worldwide which conservatively reflects a potential readership of over 5 million people. And that is not including all the people like me who have small lists of under 1,000 readers (that could easily be another 5 million people). At best, it feels like a 1-2% conversion rate, and that makes me really concerned and very sad.

Everyone gets to choose what they do in this life. The choices that we make are reflected by the evidence our lives give to those choices. It saddens me greatly when I see people with big hopes, big dreams … their souls yearning for real FREEDOM … dismiss free information as not important or worthy of their time and consideration. Or even sadder and really quite frightening, is when I see them operating just like ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand. (Guess which part is sticking out ABOVE ground?)

Maybe people think that Mike is just a super savvy business man playing on people's fear to build his new businessOne marketerer with a big list actually called it Mike's "Fear Launch" encouraging his readers to not allow themselves to be influenced by such a highly skilled master marketer and be led down the wrong path by the ring in their nose … oh and by the way … check out MY stuff if you want REAL FREEDOM … what's THAT all about … hmmmmm???

Maybe what Mike is doing is simply fulfilling HIS purpose for being an entrepreneur … and he KNOWS that only a few people will REALLY understand what and why he is doing it, and THOSE are the folks that will benefit from what The Elevation Group teaches. That would just be too simple and above board right …???

Here's the really beautiful thing … YOU get to choose what you believe what is true. It is the ONLY thing that YOUR mindset will allow you to do anyway.

If you do nothing more than watch the first video Mike has posted for the public launch and optin to watch the 90 minute presentation he is releasing tonight at 7:00 pm I will consider my job done.

Here's the bottom line for me.

It really doesn't matter to me if you invest in this program or not. It DOES, however, matter to me that you MAKE A DECISION about what you are going to do about educating yourself to prepare for the future.

Nothing will rob you of your dreams and your future faster than making NO decision at all.

Nothing will rob you of your potential more quickly than operating like an ostrich with its head stuck in the sand.

Click on the image below to see what The Elevation Group is all about

Then no matter what you do – you'll have peace knowing that you made the right decision for YOU, based on cold hard facts, not hypey marketing lingo designed to scare you into doing something that isn't right for you and your loved ones.

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