I was absolutely stunned when I heard that EIRO Research, a network marketing company specializing in  health and wellness products has officially closed down all of their operations. The front page of their website (eiro.com) is now a cessation of operations letter. You can read the letter below.


Network Marketing / MLM really seems to be a hotbed of activity recently. On September 1, 2010, eFusjon closed it's network marketing distribution arm. They had 10's of thousands of distributors working the business and all of a sudden their paychecks went pffffffffffffffftttttt. Eric Worre recently left Agel for Send Out Cards. Pre-Paid Legal's 4th quarter 2010 results were frighteningly poor – new sales associates enrolled decreased 54.3% . Melaleuca's got problems. And only God knows what else is going on.

Network Marketing companies come and go all the time – and this is true for ALL businesses.

Businesses, traditional and network marketing, open and close all of the time for a variety of different reasons – product issues, management issues, legal issues, financial issues, morality and ethics issues. Business is business regardless of which sector it is in and every business involves risk of some sort. Everyone needs to understand and accept that from the get go. I know … easier said than done … especially when a family's livelihood is at stake. For some people, it is the end of the world when their network marketing company closes and they turn their backs on Network Marketing forever. For others, it is the most exhilarating of times filled with infinite possibility.

What has really gotten my attention about the EIRO closing is that a few of Eiro's Field Leaders, Ty Tribble and Bo Short specifically, are very UNIFIED and totally committed to finding a solution that will serve the best interests of their team. Ty and Bo both know that their top producing team is very valuable. They have already been approached by several owners of network marketing companies and are expecting to find a new home for their team within the next few days.

These two men are true servant leaders. They are busy communicating with their team members … reassuring them through this tough time, letting them know that everything is going to be ok … that they are working, day and night, behind the scenes to find a good solution for everyone on their team – a company which will ultimately serve everyone really well.

Both of these gentlemen know that a tightly knit team of people focused on a common goal is virtually unstoppable – regardless of the circumstances they find themselves in. When you build people first … people stick with you and those people will build a business with you. It really has very little to do with the company or the product per se and it has everything to do with leadership and team building. Bo and Ty know how to build, empower and mobilize very large teams of people.

One man can not take down what a whole team has worked to build

People who work together will win,

whether it be against complex football defenses,

or the problems of modern society

Vince Lombardi

Kudos to Bo and Ty for being true professionals and REALLY caring first about the well-being of their team and their families. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that everyone on their entire team will experience an amazing 2011 – and help thousands of other people do the same!

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I am very interested in what hearing what everyone has to say!


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