Why Some Network Marketing Companies Are Failing –
Eric Worre, Multiple 7 Figure Network Marketing Pro Speaks Out

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I tip my hat to Eric Worre of NetworkingMarketingPro.com, for today's bold video calling for some serious change in the Network Marketing Industry, starting at company ownership level. Eric challenges the networking marketing community at large and the owners, product formulators and management teams of those companies specifically to work much harder than they are on their Product Value Proposition than they do at recruiting and maintaining corporate culture.

What IS Product Value Proposition?

Eric explains it very simply as a product's WOW FACTOR,  the price of the product and it's ability to compete effectively in the marketplace. I can hear network marketers every where saying, "BUT Rose … my product IS the best out there … that's why it's priced the way it is … and NO other company is using that super duper magical pixie dust in THEIR products, so there is NO COMPETITION." And, as you are saying that, I want you to ponder this – "If you were no longer able to be a distributor for your company would you stay on autoship, continue to use the product and recommend the product to others ?"

BE HONEST with yourself. If your answer is no, it is time for some serious soul searching, because you are not adding any sort of real value to your own life and to anyone else's. Sure you maybe making money right now, but the question I have for you is, how much of that money is RESIDUAL INCOME versus fast start commissions? If most of your income is coming from fast start payouts, and you are replacing your BUSINESS BUILDERS every 90 days, there is a BIG PROBLEM with the way your business (if you can call it that) is being built.

Network Marketing is all about selling AMAZING products to people who are willing to pay a fair market price for the results that they get from those products. Those results are so positively life changing that they cannot imagine ever being without those products, so they order them like clockwork month after month, year after year and as a distributor you get paid month after month, year after year for those purchases. It really is not about making money, it is about making someone else's life better. When you do that by putting the other person's needs first,  the money follows.

One of the most profound statements that Eric made in the video is that the days of $200+ a month autoships on "me too" products that really don't compete in the marketplace are coming to an end. The New Economy simply will not tolerate over priced, mediocre products EVEN if they have an income opportunity attached to them. The New Economy is pushing the entire world to a tipping point in how business is being done.

Building a network marketing business is proving to be a far better way to take back control. However, network marketing companies that do not do the right thing, i.e. produce truly amazing products that are competitively priced will have a really hard time staying in business. Just imagine what could happen if a network marketing company was totally over delivering to raving product users who can't wait to talk about their results with everyone they come in contact with! Product sales on steroids …??? True lifetime residual income for distributors …??? The PROMISE fulfilled?

No wonder so many network marketers are not seeing the results they want and so many have started asking "Where Did The Money Go?"

Seriously, how many different kinds of Super Juice are out in the market place? How many different kinds of Protein Shakes are out there? How about Discount Travel Programs? Discount Technology Programs? Healthy Coffee and Chocolate? Essential Oils, Cards and Coins? … You name it and it probably has a network marketing opportunity attached to it. The only thing that I can think of that doesn't is … burial plots 😉

What makes one product stand head shoulders above another in the marketplace and which company is producing it should be qualifying questions that everyone asks BEFORE they get involved with a network marketing business opportunity.

The bottom line,  the New Economy has created new rules that most network marketing companies have never had to contend with. And, in order to meet the new demand being expressed by the marketplace, high-value, more price sensitive products need to be created. Some companies have already started doing this. Others are still playing by the old rules. Kudos to the companies that have stepped up to the plate already. Research and development is a lengthy process and these companies have positioned themselves and their distributors to win in the New Economy.

So, once again, I am going to ask you to seriously think about this question …

"Would you continue to purchase these products, at the price you are currently paying, every single month, even if you were NOT involved with the business opportunity?"

If your answer is yes, I encourage you to go out there and serve as many people as you can. If your answer is no, I encourage you to think long and hard about what your future looks like in network marketing if you continue to build something that is not truly aligned with your mission and values through serving others with honor and integrity.  

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