F O C U S ~ Firmly On Course Until Successful … that describes Yo Le perfectly. Kudos and many thanks to him for a fantastic interview last evening on Blog Talk Radio. One of the BIG secrets to Yo’s amazing success is keeping everything he does SIMPLE, which makes it duplicatable for everyone that he works with. I love this quote from Yo – “The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction”. Yo is a learner for life … more importantly … he implements what he learns right away …

Yo gives away some really BIG secrets in this call … How he has created one of the most highly trafficked blogs in the world with only 7 posts … The type of marketing that he does to build relationships that provide him with the opportunity to be of service to alot of other people … Tools to use and not to use … How to use your blog as a “true marketing” center … Lots of GREAT insider info …

Take a Few Minutes to Meet Yo Le !!

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Let’s talk Common Sense …

Common sense means paying attention to the obvious. This is not as easy as it sounds. We all have vivid imaginations, and we tend to get lost in our fantasies.

When fantasy replaces common sense, life becomes farcical and even tragic. Life is a series of ordinary events that follow the laws of logic and probability. These ordinary events are indifferent to our fantasies and require the careful, accurate navigation of common sense.

Knowledge + Common Sense = Wisdom

Knowledge – Common Sense = Nonsense


I got pummeled really hard this week by some of my internet marketing buddies …

They were really peeved that I recommended people download and take a look at the information that is in the Perpetual Traffic Report Ryan Deiss recently created …  and take him up on his free software offer …

Why …???

Because there have been alot of  launches recently … many of these products carry a hefty price tag … alot of people are cross promoting other people’s information and products to their own subscribers … Rose … what are you doing recommending someone else’s stuff and building THEIR list for them …

Blah … blah … blah

I read Ryan’s report … checked out the sources that he was citing …

Guess what …  the information that he is talking about is legit …

AND … the most important to me … it makes sense and is simple enough for anyone to learn from and to use to their advantage …  !!

All of this information is FREE for anyone to download and use …

The Perpetual Traffic Report is FREE …

Ryan’s Cherry Picker software is FREE …

The Authority Codes Report is FREE …

Does Ryan want you to buy his new program ..??? Of course he does … IF it right for YOU !!!

Why else would he be giving away so much FREE information…??? He is giving you time to check out what he is talking about … figure out if what he has got has any value for you … and he is giving you the opportunity to listen to him … watch him … and get familiar with him.

Ryan Deiss is a MASTER INTERNET MARKETER … and has learned how to market in such a way that he finds a need in the market place … creates a product that will help people solve their problems … and then begins the marketing process for that “solution” by offering offering FREE, high value information to bring people into his marketing funnel so that he can continue to market to them … letting them come to the conclusion that doing business with anyone would be a crazy thing to do. He is doing what all of great marketers do … he is allowing people to SELL THEMSELVES on doing business with him.

Another perfect example of this is the Social Media Coaching Program that Don Crowther is launching this week as well … Social Profit Formula

Don Crowther is a SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING WIZARD … he gave away some mind blowing content in his marketing (funnel) videos … and with the handouts that he provided during the launch of his new Social Media coaching program. All of this was given away for FREE, so that Don could build good will with people, allow people to get to know him … like him … and trust him enough to purchase his coaching program if it is the right thing for them to do at this stage in their business.

He is REALLY clear about who this program is NOT meant for. And he also explains how people can benefit tremendously  from just using his free information.

This is referred to as “Moving The Free Line”.

If you have been listening to our “Crushing It In Network Marketing Summer Series”, you will remember that “Moving The Free Line” was mentioned by several of our guests … most notably Yo Le and Scott Bradley, when they were describing how they market online.

The sales process begins with high value content (information) and free resources. Nearly everyone online has experienced this part of the sales funnel, in fact you are experiencing it right now reading my blog. This blog is a “free resource” that I offer to the world that at least in some part, contributes to bringing people into my sales funnel.

One thing that I have learned over the past twenty some odd years in business is that I (and everyone else) needs to give away alot of free, high value product, information and content so that people can convince themselves that I am worth doing business with. If I am able to blow people away with my free stuff, I am then able to build a relationship with them based on experience, knowledge and trust. Once that relationship has been nurtured over time, then I can make relevant product and service offers to people which they will gladly pay for … if the timing is right for them and their goals.

The underlying principle of  “Moving The Free Line” is quite simple … as online marketers, and I know that bloggers understand this concept very well since we do it every day (or at least we should be doing it every day), you must give away some of your best content in order to capture attention. Relevant content is the force that drives highly targeted traffic online. And if you give so much quality for free, the fruits of your labor show up in the form of more links to your site, more traffic, enhanced credibility, more content syndication, more opt-ins, more referrals (all of which is something that Google LOVES and rewards you for with great organic listings) and ideally results in more sales of  the products and services that you recommend to your audience.

Stay In The Loop By Using Your Common Sense

It is impossible to know what is going on if you don’t take the time to study what your competition is doing. However …

Things happen on the internet at the speed of thought. The only way to know what is going on is to plug in and read all about it. This does not mean that you should allow yourself to be enticed by every bright new shiny object that you read or hear about.

THAT is TOTAL insanity.

It is the quickest way I know of to go into “information overload”, waste your precious time doing nothing but “learning more while doing nothing” and spend yourself right out of business.  And I see too many people getting sucked down into that rabbit hole every day. They allow themselves to be seduced by the amazing marketing message …the totally magnetic personality of the marketer … by the idea of finally finding the “Silver Bullet” … by the lie they start thinking  that “THIS is the answer that I have been looking for”.

All poppy-cock …

If you are working on the internet like an ostrich … with your head stuck in the sand … you have a big problem and are at a HUGE disadvantage … because you really do need to know what other people are doing…

If you are working on the internet looking for the magical make money without doing any work at all solution to all of your problems … I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you for pennies on the dollar 😉

If you are on everyone’s list and are spending thousands of hours and thousands of dollars that you don’t have because of the way they market to you and you are not using the stuff that you buy, taking action by implementing what you are learning and making money… STOP THE INSANITY

COMMON SENSE dictates that if the FREE information is GOOD ENOUGH …

You will be able to learn from it first … and learn enough so that you can either improve what you are doing and get better results or earn enough money to pay for the  product, service, coaching program … whatever it is that someone is trying to sell to you … while getting a feel for the other person … on THEIR dime … they need TO EARN the privilege of being allowed to do business with you …

BEFORE you whip out your Credit Card and spend your hard earned money on something that has not proven itself valuable  already OR that you do not have the time to USE right away…

Here are some money saving, time saving, sanity saving rules that I live by:

  • I only subscribe to the lists or blogs of people that I like and that I feel I can learn something  from
  • If I discover that they are rehashing the same old stuff everyone else is talking about and haven’t had an original thought since they started marketing on the internet… I UNSUBSCRIBE from their list.
  • If I can’t justify the price point of their stuff with what is going on in my business … I DON’T BUY
  • If the information is GREAT … but I don’t have time to use it right away …  I DON”T BUY IT.  Self-help is GREAT … SHELF-HELP is not (and I have shelves full of stuff to prove it)
  • If the information is way above my head and it simply doesn’t make sense to me … it’s NOT FOR ME just yet. I know that I will be able to find it again when I am ready for it (probably for FREE if I am ready for it in 3-4 months)
  • If I start getting copy and paste emails from people promoting someone else’s product … I UNSUBSCRIBE. I have no time to waste on lazy “professional” marketers that aren’t willing to write their own copy to try and convince me that I should buy through THEIR link …
  • If I see someone becoming a list spammer with affiliate links to every affiliate product in ClickBank or for each and every other marketer out there, I UNSUBSCRIBE. I am a human being, NOT YOUR BLOODY 24/7 CASH MACHINE.  If you are going to market to me … YOU should have my best interests at heart … NOT yours … Makes me feel like I am being betrayed by someone whom I considered to be a TRUSTED friend  and it STINKS.
  • I created a file for MARKETING EMAILS. And I read those emails ONLY when I have time to do so. PERIOD. Revenue producing activities happen during revenue producing hours.
  • If I discover that someone changes course in the middle of my relationship with them by exhibiting any sort of unethical behavior, I UNSUBSCRIBE. (I left a network marketing company because of this.)  How someone does ANYTHING … is how they do EVERYTHING. Sometimes it just takes some time for the truth to show itself. But, when it does .. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT. If your instincts are telling there is some shady going on … pay attention to them. Don’t allow yourself to be someone else’s dinner.
  • Maintain PSYCHOTIC  F  O  C  U  S  until you achieve your goal … and then move on to the next one !!

Hope you got some real value from this post !!

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