For the past couple of years there has been a big conversation going on about how worthless paper money has become because the government just keeps on printing more and more. Robert Kiyosaki did a video several years ago in which he discussed this at length calling paper money “Man’s Money” and he goes on to speak about “God’s Money” …. silver and gold. The video that he recorded doing this conversation is in the box on the right…very interesting perspective…

Many people are advocating investing in SILVER  right now because of its great price point and availability. One of the recommended ways of investing in silver is to purchase Numismatic Coins. Investing in Rare Coins has been touted as a great investment vehicle. And I do believe that if the coins truly are “Rare” coins they are a great investment. However, what is marketed to the general public is mostly the more common or ‘generic’ coins that are available in sufficient quantity to keep teams of salespeople busy selling to unwary ‘investors.’ Large coin firms have to be able to offer hundreds or thousands of virtually identical portfolios for their sales teams to sell. When there are hundreds or thousands of anything available it is hard to make the claim that they are “Rare”.

Is this type of marketing consumer fraud or securities fraud? Neither, and that’s one of the peculiar thing about numismatic coins. Although many marketers sell coins as investments, coins are not regulated securities such as stocks, options, or bonds. Because of the lack of regulations protecting the coin investor, pretty much anyone can call themselves a numismatic expert and sell to the public.And as to consumer fraud, there is no law against charging high prices for your merchandise.

If the coins are described accurately, and delivered in a timely manner, consumer protection laws are of no avail. For an uneducated consumer, rare coins represent the worst of both worlds…the coins are NOT rare and the price paid for them is HIGHLY INFLATED. But for the marketers of rare coins as an investment, life is good. They are selling an unregulated product, backed by the performance study of prestigious financial institutions, to buyers who have not taken the time to learn what the true market value is of what they are buying.

Today… the silver spot price for 1 troy ounce of silver is $17.39.

Why on earth would you or anyone else be willing to pay almost 5 times that amount to buy an ANACS MS70 graded 2009 Silver Eagle, when an ungraded 2009 Silver Eagle is selling for between $18 and $20 through a reputable coin dealer….??

Josh Paiva, a fellow networker, wrote a couple of very interesting blog posts concerning the HOT NEW MLM  selling “Numismatic Coins” asking people if they want to…

Learn How To Get Paid Like The Banks Do – SELLING CASH MONEY…

Think about it…How do banks REALLY get paid….???

They get PAID because you are paying them for their services….

They get paid because YOU OWE them CRAZY fees…interest…for money that you have BORROWED FROM THEM ON TIME


If you are considering “Investing” in silver through this medium…I would ask you to do your homework. Start by reading Josh’s posts…then do some research on Google…and then call a good local coin dealer and GET A PROFESSIONAL  OPINION about how much that beautiful, bright new silver dollar is actually worth and what it’s appreciation potential is. Remember…if the coin costs you $125.00 and is only worth $20.00 today….you have to WAIT UNTIL IT APPRECIATES to over $125 in order to realize a profit…Numismatic Coins are VERY PRETTY to look at…but PRETTY adds nothing to the weight of the silver in the coin. Numismatic coins are like any merchandise…you seldom make money buying at retail and selling at wholesale.

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