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Something happened today … it very well might be the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time  OR it just might not be that at all … and the details aren’t necessary. But I CHOOSE to be grateful for what has happened.

I allow myself to experience the  extraordinary,  super natural, power which is mine by being grateful for E V E R Y T H I N G.

Gratitude … thankfulness … appreciation the roots of which find themselves coming from the Latin word gratia from which the words GRACE … GRACIOUSNESS … GRATEFULNESS come from. Someone giving gratitude is always graceful … full of grace … they are always gracious … Gratefulness for the acknowledgment given is RETURNED to the one who is giving GRATITUDE …


Developing an attitude of sincere gratitude for all of your current blessings (and EVERYTHING is a blessing) unleashes the universal law of giving and receiving which means that MORE will be returned to you. Give thanks EVERY DAY …

Thoughts are SEEDS … that grow into THINGS …

When you control the quality of the  SEEDS … you control the quality of the HARVEST …

You reap what you sow …

Be grateful for the harvest …

BE-cause as you give thanks … you are planting MORE SEEDS … allowing you to reap yet another HARVEST … 🙂

“How in the world can I be in a state of gratitude when everything seems to be going wrong?”

Thoughts and emotions are the seeds that lead to growth of whatever outcome we currently are experiencing. Remember, you and I are the ones that thinking our thoughts. Our thoughts do not think us. In the same vein, the emotions and feelings we experience serve as a gauge and are a reflection of the quality of thoughts that we are thinking.

Since our current results are based on what we have thought and felt at some point in the past …

and  we are now experiencing those results in REAL TIME …  guess who created them? WE did!!

Although that may not make you feel any better about them just yet ( there are times when I look at what is showing up with HORRIFIED FASCINATION and disbelief), consider this…

Since I am responsible for attracting and creating unwanted results, then isn’t it also possible to change the thoughts and emotions responsible for creating them … which will in turn  produce the desired result?

You be it is !!!

Simply recognizing the fact that I am the one who invited everything  into my life …  underscores the magnitude of the creative power I possess … which instills an even more profound sense of gratitude because I’ve been provided the ability to create what I will for my life !! Understanding this allows me to consciously create by disciplining my thoughts and feelings …

If you would like to read more about The Astonishing Power of Gratitude …

I would love to share a great e-Book from Wes Hopper that talks about “Fixing the 5 Big Mistakes That Keep You From Putting Gratitude to Work For YOU”.

The e-Book is complimentary so feel free to share it abundantly with everyone !!

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I am also going to share a prayer with that has invited MORE into my life …

May it do the same for YOU !!

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From Joe Schroeder’s “Money Is Everywhere”

“I am ( your name goes here) and I am rich.

I know that $10,000 in new money already exists.

I simply don’t know where it is.

Please come to me by way of people and opportunity


I am POWER, I am prosperity and I release the need to know

from where, or when, I just know the $10,000 already

exists and I am now calling that to be delivered now, in my life.

Thank You !!


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