The Power Of Showing Off Your Pearly Whites

by Chef Rose Mis

I just came back from a visit to the local open air market. The sun is BEAMING here in NYC, it feels more like mid-September than late October. The birds are cheeping their happy little songs, the traffic is doing it's typical traffic thing … yes, the horns are BLARING. And I am sitting here sipping on the best cup of hot mulled cider I have had in a very long time. The spices are tantalizing my nose. The cider is sweet, but not too sweet … I can taste the apples, the oranges, the lemon. DEE-lightful πŸ™‚ I am grinning from ear-to-ear like a Cheshire Cat … heck if I were a cat, I would be purring like crazy right now. I feel like I won the Mega-Lotto today.

Whenever I go to the open air market, I always walk out of my door with a couple of big tote bags, comfy shoes on my feet and a great big smile of TOTAL anticipation on my face. I love going to the market. It's like taking a trip to Kitchen Heaven for me. And, I am never disappointed.

I started chatting with some of the vendors at the market and some raw honeycomb caught my eye. I sampled a taste of it. Simply wonderful. The gal that was waiting on me was beaming while we talked about the health benefits of raw honey. She was so proud of the way she and her family kept their bees and harvested the honey. I could totally relate. I had helped my Dad keep our bees when I was a kid.

In just a few minutes, 4 or 5 other people, who wanted to hear more joined the conversation. They were so enchanted that each one of them bought some of the honeycomb to take home with them. After a few minutes more of chit chat, it was time for me to move on. As I was walking away, the owner handed me a small package with a great big smile on her face, good wishes for the rest of the day and an invite to stop by and see her again when I come back to the Market. I peeked into the bag … it was a chunk of honeycomb for me to take home with me πŸ™‚

I picked up all sorts of gorgeous veggies and some really beautiful local apples and pears. I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do with them … a signature wheatberry salad with seasonal fruits, nuts and a spicy cider vinaigrette. So I went off to the cider table. I was looking for something that was more tart than sweet, something that had big apple flavor … and when I told the guy what I was going to do with his cider … he lit up like a Christmas Tree.

I tasted a half dozen samples before I found the one that was just right. My tastebuds started dancing on my tongue when that cider hit. It was exactly what I was looking for. The SMILE of sheer delight that covered my face was totally infectious. I ended up swapping my recipe for a gallon of that lovely cider. What a GREAT deal πŸ™‚ and I got a cup of hot mulled cider to take home with me!

As I was walking back home, grinning with the excitement of being able to play with all of my goodies, I saw one of my neighbors walking down the street. I took one look at her face and knew that something was bothering her.  I called out to her and the minute that she saw me, her face and her entire level of energy shifted. She smiled right back at me and told me that I had just made her day ( I had only said hello to her!). She wanted to know what I was going to do with all of my goodies, wished that she had the time to come over for a quick bite and had to dash off to work … smiling as she said all of that!  And THAT … her smile … was the best "gift" that I took home with my from my trip to the Market.

Here are some of my thoughts about "Showing Off Your Pearly Whites"…

When I smile, my thoughts are alot more positive and alot happier. When my thoughts are happier, my energy level ramps up. When my energy level is HIGH, everyone that I come into contact with FEELS it and responds to it by trying to match their energy to mine.

If you don't believe me, try it out for yourself right now…  

S  M  I  L  E  

Doesn't that feel GREAT …???

Anytime you find yourself a bit out of sorts, smile as big and wide as you can.  If you are a little bit shy, you might want to do it somewhere private, Or, you just might decide, what the heck, and do it regardless. It’s a great conversation starter. The important thing is that it flat out works.

A smile can change your mood and the mood of others in a heartbeat. You smile and you let your brain know that you are happy.  When someone sees you smile, it makes him or her realize that happiness really does exist, that there are other happy people out there and that it is ok for THEM to be happy too.

A smile significantly impacts your level of self-esteem.  Smiling sends a subtle message to your subconscious that you like yourself and that you are happy with YOU.  You really are as happy as you choose to be. And, when you allow the world to see it through your smile, your joy becomes infectious and your self-esteem soars.

A smile will instantly increase your "attractor factor". There are plenty of grumpy, unhappy, dissatisfied people out there.  Now days, people don’t have the patience or  tolerance for any more "bad news". People are looking for other people that are already happy. And when they find them, they latch on to them.

Put a sincere smile on your face when you are on the phone (especially if you are "dialing for dollars").  You’ll be amazed at how well people can hear your smile and how well they respond to you when they do!

Equally as important, smile while you are writing your e-mails, articles and blog posts πŸ™‚ Trust me, people can tell if you are happy or not when you write. Your mood bleeds right into the content that you are creating. People are looking for people that can uplift and inspire them. If your words aren't doing that, people won't read your stuff.

If you are using video as a way to communicate with people, you have got to smile … for the camera and the microphone. People respond physically if they see a smiling face and hear a smile in the sound of a voice. They relax and when they relax, it is easier for them to hear what it is that you are trying to say to them and connect with you as a real person.

"Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It may be the only sunshine he sees all day." H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Go ahead (I dare you :-))…

Go Show Off Your Pearly Whites …

Make Someone's Day !!


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