My Simple Wish And A Big Challenge For You In 2011

by: Chef Rose Mis

It's that time of year again, the time when many of us start making a list of "resolutions" for the New Year.

Do you know what the number one resolution people make each year is?

 … lose weight …

That is the top New Year's resolution … it has been forever!?!?!?

Yet, despite resolving to lose weight 68% of Americans continue to be overweight, with 33.8% classified as obese, according to statistics from the National Institutes of Health.

Why is it that we can keep making the same resolution year after year, yet we don't see the results we say we want?

It's because … can you hear the drumroll ..???

Resolutions only require words … Results actually require action!

My question for you is …

"What are YOU committed to improving about YOUR life in 2011?"

Taking action requires courage and commitment  .. if it didn't everyone would do it 😉

You can't "Know" courage and commitment. It's not the kind of knowledge you can absorb by reading about it. The only way to KNOW courage and commitment is to LIVE THEM. If you want to experience being courageous then you simply have to BE COURAGEOUS. If you want to experience commitment, then you have to BE COMMITTED.

I want you to be courageous enough to DECLARE your commitment to yourself and your life for 2011 … LOUD and PROUD !!

What do you commit to accomplishing in the New Year?


Here are a few questions that I asked myself to get really clear about what I am going to courageously commit to accomplishing this year. I made it a priority to create some quiet time and find a peaceful place to do this so that I could really listen from within and hear the "real" answers to these questions.

1. What were my 3 biggest accomplishments in 2010? (Hint – 2010 was a very challenging year, but when I looked really hard, I found ALOT of things to be proud of !!) 

2. What did I learn from those accomplishments? (Remember – Success leaves clues! It's a recipe!)

3. What were my biggest NON-successes in 2010? (Being totally honest with myself and taking 100% responsibility for my lack of success in doing something empowered me to LEARN some very powerful lessons. There is NO self-judgment, NO negative self-talk, NO blaming myself or anyone else allowed.)

4. What did I learn from those non-successes? ( Yep … I had to stare that STUFF right in the results and LOOK at what I did or didn't do to get them. Not pretty … not fun … but absolutely necessary. It did help me write an action plan for the year that will make me get off my A$$ETS and do the things I need to do to get the results that I want. Remember – NON-success leaves clues. It's a recipe for how NOT to get what you want!)

5. How can I use this information to MOVE my business and my life FORWARD IN 2011? (Do I just need to get into action and do the work? Do I need to learn some new skills? Do I need to get some coaching? Do I need to get rid of some mental or physical stuff or maybe give myself alot more room around negative, unsupportive people in my life? Do I need to stop making excuses and blaming other people? Do I need to charge up my level of faith? my self-confidence? write a schedule and stick to it?)

No matter which goals YOU commit to in 2011 … financial, spiritual, family, business or even losing weight … when you use a recipe that includes a generous amount of accountability your only option is success!

Studies have shown that those who partner with someone – a loved one, a good friend, a business partner – in an effort to keep themselves accountable have greater success than those who do not.

If you don't have someone that you feel comfortable doing this with, you can also find alot of "mastermind" groups that support accountability within their membership. Facebook has alot of groups that share similar interests and provide alot of support. You can even reach out to me here on this blog, or connect with me on Facebook. I would be honored to help support you accomplish your goals in 2011.

If you are truly committed to accomplishing outrageous things in 2011 … you will find a way !!

Find one that works for you … make the decision to do it … step forward in faith … and just do it !!


Blessings to You and Yours!!

Wishing You An Amazing 2011 Filled with Love, Good Health and Prosperity!!

  Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog” and the editor and publisher of The Frugal Networker Newsletter. She is the creator and Executive Chef of the internet's only Award Winning Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. Rose is one of the top MLM / Network Marketing bloggers in the blogoshpere and is a featured blogger at You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging, marketing or mindset. Rose is here to help you get the results you are looking for as quickly and cost effectively as possible!

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