The Million Mind March

What is The Million Mind March …???

Joe_Schroeder_and_the_M-3_GangThe Million Mind March is a focus society created by Joe Schroeder and Diane Hochman with the vision of inspiring 1,000,000 fellow soldiers of Prosperity, to bury the words, “I
can’t” and to unify, as movement of change, to deliver wisdom, reciprocity and abundance to  all who would be free and who share in the collective ideal of greatness.

Through our open weekly freedom conference calls, live Wisdom School seminars, our books and tapes and through you and each other, we challenge you to become a walking reward for at least 10,0000 people. Then mankind.

Together we will share in the life changing wisdom of our ancestors and mentors, Ben Franklin, Wallace Wattles, Ernest Holmes, Florence Shinn and of course, Napoleon Hill.

All by the way, are dead poets and countrymen, who inspired a world, a country and this movement.

The Million Mind March is not just a  website or some “internet community.”

We seek to be an example to the entire world as to what oneDianeDining

single idea of servanthood pressed into a few, can blossom into.

You will live to see One Million people bury the worlds, “I can’t.”

You will live to see the community within your local community doing book clubs.

You will live to see us spoken about in national magazines.

Why? Because when you can get One Million people to do something as unique and beautiful as to declare freedom into themselves, by building a monument and “tombstone” to declare their individual freedom, the world will watch.

Just as the many generations of kin-folk, within your own family lineage, who also will someday see, what you have done now, in this decade and in this economy, to fight for your divine assignment and to hero other countrymen who also are as bold as each of us, to still believe in a free society where “can do” and “I can” mean nothing until what you see, can also be shared by a multitude of equally eager hearts and ambitious minds.

This ideal, this Village of thought, we call, The Million Mind March.

And now you will become the Hero.

Here with us. You will.

And now it is your turn, and responsibility, to be someone for somebody and to bring healing and inspiration to a people. Then to a village and then to create your own legacy, here now, in a country so willing, now more than ever, to believe in free thoughts, free capitalism and to personify the inspiration of all potential, into and through each other.

And you will.

Because we are, the Million Mind March

Our prayer to mankind is simple, “My Prosperity prospers 10,000 people and their prosperity prospers me.”

Repeat that three times daily until 100 people have buried the words, “I can’t” because you decided to be someone for somebody.

YES …You can.

And you Will.

Because you are, a walking reward for mankind.

If however and only if, you say you are and if you can dare to think as large as our forefathers and sisters did, who paved the way for our Free Thinkers society in a land of freedom.

Please join our movement as we move the world.

I salute you,

In strength and Honor,

Joe Schroeder

The Million Mind March ~ Free Booklet and 2 CD’s

EVERY Monday Night

9:27 pm EST


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