The Results Are In – And The Winners Of The Top 50 MLM Blog Competition Are …

WOOT … What a privilege it was to be a participant in's 2010 Top 50 MLM Blog Competition !

First of all … I would like to acknowledge George Fourie for hosting this competition once again this year. I know that alot of hard work went into making this as valuable an experience as possible for all of the bloggers and raters that participated and George did a bang up job of it !!

Secondly … George made some incredible announcements on the live show that he did last Thursday! He is adding some really cool new features to the site. These upgrades and added services will allow members of to simply add their blogs and also have a virtual marketplace in which they can advertise  their businesses, products and services. You can get all the details and find out who made the cut into the Top 50 by watching the videos right on

… And, without further ado …

… The Top 10  MLM Blogs For 2010 Are …

10. Tommy DiPietro –

9. Clifton Hatfield –

8. Amanda Marie –

7. Jerry Chen –

6. Melodie Kantner –

5. Gavin Mountford –

4. Kary Rogney –

3. Jennifer Fong –

2. Ty Tribble –

1. Kimberly Castleberry –

Kudos and HUGE congrats to each and every one of these stellar bloggers !! Take a minute and check out the blogs. They are all very diverse … very well written … covering a vast panorama of subjects and each has its own distinct style and flavor !!

The Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen came in at number 16 which totally thrills me ! I am so grateful to everyone of you for your amazing support and votes 🙂 YOU allowed this happen and YOU are totally appreciated !! Next Year  – The Top 10 😉

The AMTK Underwent A Major Renovation

I have spent the past 3 months coaching with Sandi Krakowski of The focus of that coaching is copywriting. However, as with all coaching, you usually get a lot more out of it than what you sign up for 🙂 if you choose to play full out!

This is so NOT your typical coaching program. It is SHOCKINGLY INTENSE. We meet twice a week for at least 2 hours going over the fundamental principles of effective copywriting, marketing, human psychology, integrity and creating an online business that will be here for the long haul. We have a live group discussion, live copy critique. Our marketing funnels are dissected to make sure they are setup to work correctly. Our mindset is constantly checked. We are challenged to work and write passionately from our hearts and totally over deliver to our respective audiences. Old paradigms are reviewed, new ways of thinking are explored and each of us gets to take what works for us and use it to move our businesses forward right away.

Did I mention that we get homework assignments as well …??? Yep, we sure do … and those assignments get submitted to the group for "peer review". Just imagine – 21 sets of eyeballs reviewing a blog post, a lead capture page, a sales letter  … BEFORE it ever goes live. Each and every word is evaluated … the impact is reviewed … all based on the "formula" that allowed Sandi to become a highly pursued 7 figure copywriter … online and offline. The clarity and integrity that level of scrutiny demands is really intense. If what you write is not congruent with who you are at a core level, everyone's BS-o-Meter gets tripped instantly and your writing gets called out ! It's a very effective and efficient way to ensure that you are sending the right message to your target market. Pretty cool right?

Remember I said that if you play full out while you are coaching, you usually get a whole lot more than what you originally signed up for? Well, that's EXACTLY what happened for me and it literally caused me to have to stop what I was doing … really check in with my core values … evaluate WHO I was being in the matter of my life and business … and clean up alot of crap that was getting in the way of me serving YOU in a way that comes right from my heart.

Resistance Is UGLY And It Is Lethal

One day Sandi made a deceptively simple statement that kind of went like this – "Everything about my businesses for the past 14 years has been built around honesty, integrity and service. I simply cannot allow "dishonest practice" anywhere in my business. My customers MUST RECEIVE the VERY BEST of everything and everyone that I present to them. It is what they DESERVE and what I demand. Anything less is not acceptable."

Those words … her voice … haunted me for days.

I took a long hard look at the Network Marketing company that I represent, the affiliate products that I promote, the content I produce, the promises that I make, the services that I provide, how I am living my life and presenting myself as a business person … in short … THE FRUITS OF MY LIFE and MY LABOR.

It sickened me to realize that I had gotten off track, distracted by all of the nice bright, shiny objects and that I needed to FOCUS and clean up my act in order to truly live and honor my mission. And it was a hard thing to do … very hard … but so worth it for the long term.

I cleaned up the blog … got rid of alot of what was not in alignment with my values and my purpose. I totally rewrote the marketing that I am doing for my network marketing company, dumped every affiliate program that wasn't congruent with my business, disassociated from quite a few people that do not put the right kind of value on integrity and service and laid the platform for "The Frugal Networker" , the official newsletter of the AMTK, which is launching December 17, 2010 … just in time for Christmas 🙂 Can't think of a better way to start what I know is going to be my most powerful year ever!

It took almost 6 weeks to get all of this done … while I was knee-deep in the Top 50 MLM Blog Contest, super intensive coaching and a whole lot of personal drama. Sometimes, the RESISTANCE that I was experiencing was so thick and heavy, I could barely make it to my coaching calls. But, I will let you in on a big secret – and this is something that I haven't even told Sandi yet – if it wasn't for the support of the group, seeing OTHER PEOPLE going through their version of what I was going through, the unconditional out-pouring of positive energy from everyone, and Sandi's coaching around RESISTANCE – I would still be struggling, ill-at-ease in my own skin and not doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Resistance still rears it's ugly little head, but I can recognize it for what it is  … and fight back faster and come back stronger alot more quickly now. If you are not surrounding yourself with the right kind of people – you are doing yourself and your business a HUGE disservice. Find a group that is led by someone that has already accomplished what you want for yourself and your business and plug in to their energy and support as fast as you can!

Resistance is that nasty little voice in your head that just can't wait to prove itself right and take YOU out of the game! Sandi just wrote a training article about "How To Find, Fight and Face The Resistance" , inspired by Steven Pressfield's "The War of Art". If you are feeling stuck or not getting the results that you would like to see in your life and business, I really encourage you to take a minute and read the article – it is very insightful. Sandi has learned how to beat the living daylight out of resistance and gives amazing coaching around this. And then after that, go buy Pressfield's book and read it a dozen times!! It should be mandatory reading for everyone in my opinion. If you like what you see on Sandi's blog, I really encourage you to connect with her on Facebook. Simply reading her updates will lift your spirit and inspire you (hint: her Social Media Marketing strategy is simply brilliant and very profitable – you can learn alot just by watching what she does ;-))

The Future Of The Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen

As I am typing this post, I am getting myself packed to head off to Dallas and spend the weekend at Sandi's "Total Online Blueprint Event". Can't wait to see her again … even more important … can't wait to soak up all that she will be teaching this weekend. We have guest speakers that are to die for – PJ McClureThe Mindset Maven and Kevin Hogan will be giving a 2 hour presentation on Developing Influence To Create A Loyal, Long Term Following. Can't wait to come back put all of this training into action and share my results with you.

Terry and I will be finishing up this current 100 Day EmpHOURment Challenge and we will start a new one at the beginning of the year. It has been a HUGE success … thank YOU for all of your support !! My wish is that you will join for the next one as well !! 

The Frugal Networker launches on the 17th when I get back from Dallas and this is where I need your help!
My intention for the newsletter is provide information about nothing but the best tips, strategies and tools to help you run your business as cost effectively and as labor efficiently as possible. I would love to hear from you what else you would like to receive training on … blogging … network marketing … mindset … YOU tell me … so that I can serve you well ! Just shoot me an email or connect with me on Facebook … and I will be sure to provide you with stellar information !! Oh … and if this is your first time visiting this blog … be sure to add your email to the newsletter list … don't worry … Pro Chefs don't ever use SPAM !!

P.S. Building a business online can be overwhelming in the beginning. I don't want YOU to go through all of the nonsense that I did. Some of those rabbit holes were pretty deep and dark. The good news is that once you get everything up and running properly, you REALLY CAN build a thriving online business while living a life you love! Let's connect and do this together !!


Feel free to post your comments below !!


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