I am sure that many of you have heard of Robert Kiyosaki before….author of Rich Dad Poor Dad…The Cashflow Quadrant…co-author of Why We Want You To Be Rich … He really is a very high profile…successful man. Did you know that he is on Twitter….??? YOU can follow him by going to Twitter.com and adding theRealKiyosaki .

Now you may be wondering why YOU might want to follow a guy like Robert Kiyosaki…???

I can tell you why I am following him… I LEARN alot from him.

I read Rich Dad Poor Dad when it was first published years ago.

It changed the way I think about EVERYTHING that has to do with working..earning …investing…

Here's another reason that you might want to seriously consider following Robert Kiyosaki or other people like him….

One of my awesome fellow bloggers… Rachel Henke … had a video done by Robert Kiyosaki in which he answers her questions about The New Economy…

He also mentions HER by name in his video….

Rachel has been reviewing his newest book The Conspiracy of the Rich on her blog….

As a result of using Attraction Marketing combined with an educational cashflow campaign that she designed to promote her MLM…

She actually ATTRACTED Rich Dad’s branding company to call her in the UK!

Pretty powerful don't you think…???

As Rachel put it …"Not only are the gate-keepers dead but the gurus are reaching out to their fans and helping them to promote themselves with social media tools!"

I encourage you all to think about how YOU can use Attraction Marketing to YOUR best advantage. How can YOU use a blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to reach the right people for your products and services…the right teachers and mentors to help you grow…the right prospects to join you in your business…??? How can YOU attract those people TO YOU by using social media…???

Social media is still new enough that it presents a TREMENDOUS opportunity for you to brand yourself and be THE ONE that people will find first when they are looking for the RIGHT PERSON to HELP THEM find a solution to THEIR PROBLEMS.

P.S. Go check out the video that Robert Kiyosaki did for Rachel….awesome financial information AND a great message for Network Marketers

Leave a comment for Rachel….and tell her that I sent you 🙂

Also take a minute to join us at The Rich Woman Cashflow Group which Rachel created on Facebook so that you can  get regular educational updates about building passive income and financial freedom with property, information marketing and Networking.

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