Relationships … it is all about RELATIONSHIPS. Terry Hartley, Scott Manesis and I are friends. Terry was the first person we interviewed on the Crushing It In Network Marketing Summer Series. Terry is friends with Scott Bradley. Terry connected us to Scott Bradley and Scott agreed to be a guest on our show. Simple right …??? It IS. Relationships are the currency of the New Economy. The QUALITY of your relationships will determine the quality of your economy.

Scott Bradley delivered oodles of  MASSIVE AMAZINGNESS  this evening. If you ever wanted to get into the mind of a super successful social networker, you must listen to this call. Network marketers that are trying to figure out how to make social networking work for them and their businesses … listen to this call. Small business owners looking to build their brands and their businesses by leveraging social networking will find rivers of  gold in this call.

Listen to the call !!

Scott Bradley Delivers Massive Amazingness

Once you have listened to the call and you find that you resonate with Scott, get the reports that he is talking about on the call. They are great. I have paid money for training that doesn’t cover half of what he talks about in those reports. I know one Social Media expert that is charging $297 for a Facebook training that DOES NOT give you an actionable Facebook marketing plan. You will find one in Scott’s  “Facebook  Friends to Clients” E-Book. HIGHLY recommended.

You can find Scott at .

You can get his trainings by going to

If you would like to connect with Scott on Facebook – When you request a friendship, please be sure to include a note introducing yourself to him and that you heard him on this show !!

Do not discount the value of this interview and the trainings that you are able to get for free. As Scott pointed out during the call this is a huge GIVE on his part …

This call series is a huge GIVE from Scott Manesis and myself  TO YOU.

Why are we doing this … ???

It is very simple …

Anyone can figure out ways to “hustle”  a quick buck and make fast sales…

And don’t get me wrong, generating sales is good…

But creating an  EVERGREEN BUSINESS that’s sustainable, scalable and designed to be here for A LONG TIME comes from knowing….

How To Create Great Relationships and Win Customers For Life…

It’s about EARNING the right to do business with someone by building a relationship based on RESPECT  and TRUST.  We all know that we GIVE INSANE VALUE because it is the right way to EARN your respect and trust and that it will be returned to us 100 times !! It always is …

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