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Listen up people …

You have it all wrong !!

You don’t NEED to follow me …

You don’t NEED to follow anyone …

You’ve got to THINK for yourself



You have got to work it out for yourself …

Don’t let ANYONE tell you what to do !!!



My inbox was chock full of good stuff this morning…

When you have a minute take a minute to read two blog posts that I found to be very thought provoking …I’ve got them listed below…

And as you are reading them I invite you to really think about this question …

Has any of the stuff that I have been spending my money and my time on significantly added increase to my bottom line ?

If the answer is yes

You are headed in the right direction … keep on doing the do.

If the answer is no …

You need to STOP what you are doing … and really THINK about how much longer you can afford to KEEP ON SPENDING WHILE YOU ARE NOT MAKING ANY MONEY !!!

This is the surest way to  kill your business before it has a chance to get started. I have watched hundreds of brick and mortar businesses do it and I have seen THOUSANDS of people online do the same thing.

I am not saying that you should not invest some upfront capital to get yourself up and running with a home based online business. You will have to do just that. What I am suggesting is that you really think hard about how well a tool, product or course is going to serve you RIGHT NOW.

To quote my business partner Scott Manesis, Knowledge is a wonderful thing but APPLIED knowledge is the PROFITABLE thing.”

Most of the tools, products and services out there are designed in such a way that you get a ton of information delivered to you WITHOUT any one-on-one interactive support from the creator. And this is EXACTLY where most people GET STUCK.  It’s like being handed the keys to a BMW and not having anyone show you how to START THE CAR. Self-help is great. Shelf-help is NOT.

The creators of the tools, services and products know this. So, once they have delivered all of this great information to you and you are STUCK NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO NEXT, they offer you a continuity product – a monthly membership to an EXCLUSIVE GROUP teleseminar membership program – an expensive LIVE EVENT – an even more expensive semi-private PLATINUM coaching program …

And what do you do … what did I and so many others do …??? You reach in your pocket, pull out your credit card and pay through the nose HOPING that you will finally be taught HOW TO USE what you just learned so that you get the results that you want.

Most of the stuff that you are told that you need, you DON’T need RIGHT NOW!!!

You are being seduced by very, very compelling and highly skilled marketers. When you learn how to do the same kind of marketing, the game changes big time and you end up on the right side of the cash register.

Do yourself a big favor … Go to Barnes and Noble or Amazon. Pick up a copy of a book called Influence ~ The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini. It will cost you less than $20. READ IT.

It will show you how the “Big Boys” have been manipulating you for years. It will save you thousands of dollars and if you apply the lessons you will be able to EARN ten’s of thousands of dollars.

You can thank me later 😉

Do yourself another favor …

Research and covertly watch the people who you are learning from. Get on their e-mail lists. Read their blog posts and their promotions. Watch how they conduct business. And then, listen to your gut. If you start feeling like something’s not right … PAY ATTENTION. Your GUT is NEVER WRONG.

Here are the posts I told you about earlier … read them … learn from them…

Why You Don’t Want To Be On The First Page Of Google ~ Sandi Krakowski

Critical Review of Jonathan Budd’s MLM Launch Formula ~ Kim Castleberry

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