Setting the WEB on FIRE !! That’s Tatyana Gann’s slogan for her Smokin’ Hot PR Business … and she is going to get it done pretty quickly too !! Scott Manesis and I interviewed Tatyana this past Tuesday evening (you REALLY don’t want to know why this post took so long to get written … suffice it to say things got PRETTY HOT over here in the Kitchen ;-)) and she talked at length about the new kinds of PR that are being used today in the marketplace. And … she shared one of her really valuable tools with all of our listeners … PITCHENGINE !!

If you don’t know what PitchEngine is  … head on over to Tatyana’s blog and read the post that she just did to find out all about it !! “Discover The PR 2.0 Traffic Formula to Bring Leads, Cultivate Relationships, Increase Profits and Build Your Brand”

To get all of the juicy PR 2.0 information that Tatyana shared with us on the call …. just listen to the MP3 of the call. Totally mind blowing information !!

Smokin’ Hot PR With Tatyana Gann – PR 2.0 Secrets

Here is a question that I have for all of you …

Why do you think MOST people aren’t using PR 2.0 as part of a diversified marketing plan …???

Maybe they don’t think it works really well … maybe they don’t know how to use it the right way … maybe they used it in the past and their results weren’t too great …. maybe they don’t use it because there are no affiliate commissions associated with referring the service…???

I really have no idea … all I know is that most of the home business and network marketing trainers, coaches and mentors out there are NOT talking about this AND they are not teaching it to YOU …

I have a confession …

About a year and half ago I got all excited about a paid social media site that was just launching. And I promoted the heck out of it. I generated a serious amount of interest in the launch … so much so that I had people calling me from all over the world day and night. Sad but true … the whole thing exploded a week before the launch actually happened … and alot of people were pretty peeved with me … It was one lesson that I never forgot…

One of the tools that I used in that marketing campaign was PitchEngine. PitchEngine really is POWERFUL. I had first page Google rankings for a month … you can take a look at the screen shot below to see the actual numbers…

One article had 2,342 views … another had 825 … all combined the four articles that  I released through PitchEngine resulted in 4,441 views. I did this for FREE. I was stunned at how much interest and activity I was able to create with this service. I was literally on page one of Google for close to 30 days with this launch.  And back then … I didn’t know half of what I know now. Since I am planning on doing a major launch in the next few weeks … you know that I am going to be using this service again. Add this into a well thought out, properly SEO’d marketing campaign … the results will be extraordinary !!

I would seriously encourage you to explore the possibilities of using PitchEngine in YOUR marketing strategy. And, I would also highly recommend that you check out Tatyana’s blog for more information. For anyone that really would like to get some coaching or some PR assistance from Tatyana directly, check out the services and the coaching programs that she offers to people. If you do decide to work with her, please use the following coupon code when you make your purchase and you will be given a 20% discount (this is good for a limited time only, so please check with Tatyana for the specifics and deadlines) –  ===>>>Rose2010 <<<===

Please be sure to join us this Friday evening at 10:00 pm EST when we will be speaking with Paul Klaszus, a very successful entrepreneur and network marketer from Alberta, Canada. Paul has a very interesting story to tell about connecting faith and action together to create the life of his dreams. And he has just brought his first product to market … this is going to be a great show !!

718 – 766 – 4751

Tonight …. 10:00 pm EST !!

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