thatMLMbeat’s George Fourie spent an hour slicing and dicing in the Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen this past Saturday evening !!! Oh my goodness …that man set the kitchen on FIRE !!! 🙂 And the best thing is that it was recorded on Blog Talk Radio …. if you didn’t get a chance to listen to the call live … you can go to Entrepreneurs Dish and check it out !! George gave so much value on the call.

If you are blogging and want some ” SEO Insider Scoop” that is easy to implement when you know what to do…this is a call to listen to !!!

George totally set the Kitchen on fire when he reviewed my blog LIVE and in real time. As a benefit to the PRO members of, George recently offered a no cost… 60 minute… one-on-one blog training. Well …. that was just too good of an opportunity for me not to take him up on it !!!

Blog review services can run anywhere from $350 – $700 with NO one-on-one time … and if you are new to blogging … it is really hard to know if the person that you are dealing with knows what they are talking about. George’s credentials are impeccable …. his blog has an Alexa Rankng of 47, 594 … a Page Rank of 3 … a Compete Rank of 154, 485 … a Moz Rank of  4.04 and a traffic rank of 15,192 in the US (Pretty impressive George …. ;-))

I am always perplexed when people market blog coaching services and the blog that they are marketing on has lousy Alexa scores and is referencing client testimonials to blogs that don’t even exist any more… YIKES !!  Don’t these people realize that their information is easily verified by using Google…??? Anyway…that’s a rant for another day !!!

George went over the basic structure of my blog …. asking me to explain the purpose of my blog to him. He offered a couple of really great pointers that will help BIG TIME with my SEO results and really drill into my online branding !!!

George also talked about some “deep linking” strategies that help create more “stickiness” with my blog posts. Darren Rowse of wrote an awesome blog post detailing 21 Ways to Make Your Website or Blog Sticky a couple of years ago… it is still good advice to follow !!! ProBlogger is an AWESOME blog … if you want to learn more about HOW Pro Bloggers think and blog … grab a hold of Darren’s RSS Feed … You will learn alot !!

All in all …. George very graciously said that I have a GREAT BLOG ….woooHOOO ;-)… Indeed a FINE compliment to receive from one of the most highly recognized MLM Bloggers on the internet.

George also discussed some of the future plans that he has in place for George is a passion fired blogger and he is totally committed to the vision that he holds for thatMLMbeat … to be the TOP MLM and Network Marketing community IN THE WORLD!!!  Great community benefits …. world class training … a GREAT PLACE for other value-driven MLM’ers and Networkers to come together …. get their content syndicated…. and  HELP  and SERVE one another and lots of other people around the globe !!!

George also let the cat out of the bag…. He has asked me to be a regular Thursday guest blogger on … Blogging about Blogging … go figure right…??? 😉 I am so looking forward to this new blogging venue !!

So….if you missed the radio show … you can listen to it on Blog Talk  Radio…

And … if you are not already a member of the awesome community at …. WHAT are you waiting for…??? Come on and hang out with some of the coolest  and most talented bloggers around … 🙂

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