Some folks are comfortable pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams in Brick and Mortarville, others are more comfortable on the internet and alot of people are trying to make it happen for themselves in both worlds. The bottom line is that there really is only ONE WAY to be successful as an entrepreneur and that is …

The Way That Works BEST For YOU 🙂

Now, with that being said, there are just a few fundamental building blocks that need to be in place for every business owner to be successful. And that is why Terry Hartley and I are putting together this 100 day challenge and doing it publicly. We are DETERMINED to finish of 2010 with a BIG BANG and we want to help as many other people accomplish the same thing in the process. We truly believe that there are EXACTLY 6 inches separating anyone (Terry and I included) from what they currently HAVE and what they really WANT.

MINDSET, mental programming, mental conditioning, mental toughness … whatever you choose to call it, is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in experiencing success or missing it just short of scoring a home run.

Terry experienced it first hand when he went from HOMELESS to earning OVER $200,000 in less than one year.

I experienced it when I went from being absolutely NOBODY online to becoming a published author, sought after guest speaker on the subject of blogging and a featured team blogger for the number one MLM Blogging Community on the net in less than a year.

Traveling the success super highway hand in hand with MINDSET is MARKETING and COMMUNICATION. Marketing is the fine art of preparing someone to make a decision about something and is very dependent on the quality of the communication that person is receiving. Terry and I both use Social Media to market ourselves and our businesses.

We are HORRIFIED by some of the things we see people do, so we are tweaking and ramping up our own Social Media Marketing strategies for the last quarter of this year and want to share what we are doing with you.

Some of the things that we will be talking about live are Social Media Etiquette, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, YouTube, Social Book Marking, Copywriting, SEO, Blog Talk Radio and List Building … We want to help YOU improve the results that YOU are getting with your Social Media Marketing while we work on improving ours !!


 The Challenge: 100 Days of Entrepreneurial Empowerment on Blog Talk Radio is where we are going to be pouring out our marketing and mindset strategies.

To make this a TRUE gift for ourselves and for everyone who wishes to participate with us, we are going to do this in a very interactive way. We will be providing a list of the resources that we are using throughout the challenge. We are also going to be creating downloadable worksheets in PDF format that correspond to that week's topic.

I am also creating a special section on this blog so that we can document our progress and results, as well as build a community around Empowered Entrepreneurs that  want to improve their results and are willing to help others do the same thing.

There is absolutely no charge to participate in this community. If you have a question or a suggestion, feel free to post it and Terry or I (maybe both of us) will help you get answers to your questions. Anyone in the community that is able to help is invited to post as well.

We truly believe in giving back. Our intention for this community is to make it as interactive as possible. We are not experts on every subject that we will be covering. And that makes this alot of fun, because we know who the experts are and we will have them as guests on the show.

For anyone that participates in the community, we also intend on inviting people onto the show with us, so that they can receive live coaching that will help them move forward.

The call will be held every Monday evening at 7:00 pm EST.

The call in number is (646) 915-8293

The first 100 day challenge is over on December 27, 2010. We are expecting to do this for the entire 2011 calendar year.

Just imagine the possibilities of what YOU will be able to create in YOUR business by joining us.

This is a game-changer folks and we look forward to playing and winning a BIG GAME with YOU !!




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