Who Are The Top 50 MLM Bloggers of 2010?

This Thursday evening at 9:00 pm EST the world is going to find out who has been selected by the online MLM and Network Marketing community as the Top 50 Most Influential MLM Bloggers in the Blogoshpere.

You can catch the show LIVE at thatmlmbeat.tv


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You get to promote yourself, your blog and your network marketing business. And as we all know, the best self-promoters are the ones with the biggest audiences, the largest amount of influence and the most profit in their bank accounts.

You can use thatMLMbeat as a social networking platform in addition to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, BetterNetworker,etc. Which means, more people to connect with, build relationships with, help and learn from.

George Fourie, the Aussie genius behind thatMLMbeat, is adding a brand new WordPress plugin that has been designed specifically for Network Marketers to assist them in getting additional visitors to their blogs. The new plugin that he has had designed will allow users to have their latest blog post displayed on hundreds of WordPress dashboards and provides them with FRONT PAGE exposure on thatMLMbeat.com as well. thatMLMbeat.com has an Alexa ranking of 37,537 worldwide, which means LOTS of people come to the site every day. This is like turning EVERY DAY into a blogging contest. The true value that this type of exposure, excitement and buzz can provide is staggering.

How would you like to be able to promote your Network Marketing business in a non-spammy manner? George will be releasing the details of a game changing "Global Marketplace" for network marketers – the ability to create an online store that will allow members to redirect folks to their Network Marketing opportunities, affiliate products, their own training and coaching programs so that people will be able to comfortably do business with people they know, like and trust.

Certainly sounds like the place for every Network Marketing and MLM blogger to be this Thursday evening at 9:00 pm EST 😉


A Big, Heartfelt Thank You To George Fourie

It was just about a year ago that I first met George – a direct result of his review of the Top 50 MLM Blog For 2009. When I saw the level of care and expertise that he put into that review, I knew that he would be a really good person to get to know. Little did I expect that he would become a trusted friend and invaluable resource. What started out with a couple of casual little emails, has turned me into a raving fan and staunch supporter of George and his community service platform. 

George's work ethic, the quality of the information and assistance that he freely gives to everyone, his business acumen and his absolute integrity are some of the highest that I have seen in the online Network Marketing and MLM community. George is totally aligned with and fully lives his purpose here on earth. A true go-giver – serving well, with the highest and best of intentions – within a community that has been known for it's less than scrupulous business ethics,  George's values and intention are the foundation upon which thatMLMbeat.com is built.

Through George's persistence, dedication and sheer discipline, I have watched thatMLMbeat develop into a vibrant community of passionate bloggers who care enough to share the best of their knowledge with one another and the world. I was humbled and honored when he asked to be one of the "staff" bloggers for thatMLMbeat. I could never have imagined how much I would learn doing that and the number of wonderful people that I would get to interact with.

Being part of thatMLMbeat has given my blog huge exposure in this community that I would never have had. I have learned so much from the other bloggers there; who are experts in areas that I never knew anything about. I have been able to connect with some really great people that I probably would never have had the opportunity to meet. I simply can't say enough about the community and George …

So, if you haven't joined this terrific community already ….

You can go ahead and setup your social profile here…


If you need any help, ask away in The Lounge or connect with me here or on Facebook ..

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You could use more eyeballs on your network marketing business right …???

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About The Author –

  Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog”. She is the creator and Executive Chef of the internet's only Award Winning Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. Rose has been recognized as one of the top MLM / Network Marketing bloggers in the blogoshpere and is a featured blogger at thatMLMbeat.com. You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging, marketing or mindset. Rose is here to serve YOU.

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