The Harvest Is PLENTY

When You Change The Way You Look At The World …

The World You Look At Changes !!

Life is an amazing adventure. You are meant to have a BLAST while you are here.

YOU are meant to live FREE and ABUNDANTLY !!


The quickest and shortest way to get the results that you want requires having FAITH first and then taking ACTION in faith. 

And that is a really scary thing to do isn't it …???

Think about this for a second …

The road marked "Adventure", the road named "Success and Freedom" is paved with a ton of really scary stuff …


So is traveling a path in life with no success, a road that really is going no where.

Guess what …

You can BORROW credibility … confidence … belief … faith … until you have your own.

How do you get your own …??? Get into action …

Do things that move you forward regardless of how they make you feel. YOU have everything that you need INSIDE of YOU right now to do, be, have anything that you truly desire. The answers are not outside of you. EVERYTHING that you need you already have. YOU are fertile soil. Looking outside for answers allows you to start playing the "What If" game. Inside, you have already WON the game. All you have to do is convince yourself that you have what you need right now. UNcommon actions result in UNcommon results !!

The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side …

But It Is Just As Hard To Mow

We always want what we don't have. I used to want to be 5 foot 4, 120 pounds and have waist length black hair. Well … THAT is NEVER going to happen … 🙂

What if we simply made a conscious decision to be GRATEFUL for everything we do have …??? What if we did the very best that we could with it … proved that we are really trustworthy stewards of what  have been given and are THANKFUL for the privilege of being allowed to do that JOYFULLY …???

I believe that when you demonstrate that you can be trusted to take good care of what you already have, more and more for you to care for will be given to you. If you are always looking for "more", I don't think that you are capable of taking proper care of what you have already been given. It is a fantasy to think that you can lead and influence 100 people when you aren't leading and influencing yourself first and a couple of other people along with you.

What if you decided to respect, honor, and treat yourself like gold first … and treat those OTHER  few people like they are GOLD to you? Lavish them with respect, honor and integrity. Build terrific relationships with them. Find out all about them … their kids … their families. Ask them to talk about themselves FIRST and just listen with your ears and your heart. Really show those people (and yourself) how much you VALUE them. How much fun would it be to watch 5 people turn into 10 people turn into 20 people turn into 100 people turn into 1000 people?

When you VALUE what is right in front of you (yes … starting with yourself first) like it is priceless and precious, you start to MULTIPLY yourself with ease and elegance. By nurturing and protecting those "little seeds" that are planted in the ground in front of you, YOU allow them to grow, thrive and bear amazing fruit !!

What most people do, and I used to be soooo guilty of this, is that they plant a seed and they start looking for a new field when that seed doesn't sprout fast enough. They ABANDON what is right in front of them to go find something more appealing somewhere else. When you don't care for the seed properly … it NEVER gets a chance to yield the fruit that it was intended to yield.

It is ALWAYS about the people that are right in front of you.

When you start making people FEEL so good about themselves, when you leave them feeling better about themselves than they were feeling when you first encountered them, when you LIFT them up to a better place, when they walk away and they feel better because of YOU, you just separated the wheat (you) from the chaff (everyone else). Talk about being attractive … magnetic 🙂

People really don't care anything about what you have going on until they know how much you really care about them. A sincere compliment, a smile, being a great listener shows people that you really care about them. And when you care enough about other people to help them focus on getting the results they want most, they will be with you FOREVER.

The HARVEST IS PLENTY this year … and doubly blessed by the brightest harvest moon in 19 years. Prosper where you are planted this season and enjoy the amazing fruit that will be given to you !!


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