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Cancer has always been called the “Silent Killer” … except that I really don’t buy that any longer …

The signs and symptoms are there if we are awake enough to see them, pay attention to them and DO something about them.

A sign is a signal that something is not right. They are signals that can be seen by someone else from the outside but not necessarily by the person who is exhibiting that “sign” …

A symptom is a signal of disease, illness, injury, or that something is not right. Symptoms are felt or noticed by the person who has them, but may not be easily seen by anyone else.


No question about it … there is a financial cancer that is spreading through this great country of ours.

It is impacting the lives and well being of just about  EVERYONE that it comes in contact with … directly or indirectly

And … surprisingly enough …

There really is a CURE for this terrible DIS – EASE and it is NOT…

As painful or devasting as living with and dying from the effects of this heinous form of cancer.

No nasty chemotherapy is required …

No disfiguring surgery is  required…

It just takes some guts, grit and gumption to have the CURE working for you and your loved ones …

On my Blog Talk Radio Show this morning,  I spoke with 2 dynamic women survivors who have been able to beat this terrible dis-ease and help alot of other folks do the same.

Angie Levine and her husband own a very successful chiropractic business in Arizona and their business was booming. Or, at least it was until the economy twisted in on itself and they found themselves earning 30% less than in previous years. And, the cost of business was rising with along with the inflation rate. Angie and her husband had to make some choices. The choices that she and her husband made are the topic of conversation on this call.

Holly Harris, former owner of a very successful design and build company in California has an amazing story to tell about how she survived a divorce, relocation, raising three children on her own … and how the the decisions she made helped her survive the devastating effects of the economic downturn.

This call is NOT your typical rah – rah network marketing, join my business, pitch fest. You will actually get to take a peek into the hearts of three women who are committed to making a difference in this world in a big way.   Their vehicle of empowerment just happens to be network marketing / multi-level marketing (MLM). The insights, the personal stories of each of these women, speak to a HUGE DEMOGRAPHIC of people suffering from financial cancer. The many lives that they have been able to positively affect speaks volumes about their attitude of service for others and the support, training and systems they use and recommend to their teams.

To quote Melanie Milletics,

A strong woman who moves forward to achieve her goals is unstoppable. All forces align to make it SO.

Listen to this call … it is the best investment of 60 minutes that I can think of.

Financial Cancer Is At Epedmic Levels – There IS A Cure

Here are the sites to go to for more information …

Angie Levine – The All Star Life

Holly Harris – Amalaki Girl

Rose Mis –  Wealth Starts With Health

Remember, your success for 2010 just might depend on what you do the next 90 days!!

Have you taken the time to write a 90 day game plan for Summer 2010 …???

If you have any questions about writing a 90 day game plan for yourself … let me know in the comments below !!! I will be glad to help you get this done … the future of your business depends on it !!

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