Talking about keeping it all in the family … three world class chefs … Scott Manesis, Thomas Lierzer and I  had one of those GREAT “sitting round the kitchen table” chats last night on Blog Talk Radio. It is simply amazing to see how well certain skill sets that are acquired during the course of brick and mortar employment can be translated to both network marketing and internet marketing.

Thomas has an amazing INTERNET MARKETING story. He was BANNED from Google FOR LIFE last year after being able to generate in excess of 100 leads a day. He failed miserably with Yahoo PPC. He get his YouTube Channel shut down. It literally got to the point where he almost spent himself out of business. Talk about the necessity for being willing and able to think outside of the box !!

When he changed his marketing to leverage FREE marketing strategies … organic Google listings, article marketing, SEO and backlinking strategies, Social Media … he got his upside down business turned right side up !! And now that he has built a powerful presence on the third largest country in the world … Facebook … things are going very, very well for Thomas.

Thomas was recently honored by MLSP (My Lead System Pro) as the July Member of The Month for his ongoing commitment and contribution to the MLSP Community. You can read all about that by visiting the MLSP Blog ! We had such a great time speaking with Thomas that I know we have to have him come back on the show !!

Take a few minutes to hear about all of the neat stuff we had a chance to talk about !! It is truly an inspiring story of determination and grace under fire !!

Thomas Lierzer ~ If You Can’t Take The Heat …

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