Tis The Season To Say "Oh Yes I Can"!

By: Chef Rose Mis


Can you believe that 2010 is almost over?  You know when I was a little girl, I always heard my parents and the other grown ups talking about how fast time flies by.

I never really appreciated what that meant until I hit my late 40's. Guess what?  They were right! 

I would go to bed only to wake up and find another tiny little crow's foot. One morning I realized I couldn't read the newspaper any longer, my arm seemed to be a lot shorter than it was the day before.  I remember sitting there shaking my head, trying to figure out when I managed to go from "Da Blonde Bombshell" to the "Bombed Out Blonde" … YIKES …

Where had all the time gone to and how in the heck am I going to make it slow down!

Did 2010 zip by for you as well? This year F L E W  right by for me …

2010 has been a very interesting year, that's for sure. For some folks it was their best year ever, for others it was their most challenging. Regardless of where anyone falls in that mix, it's a good practice to take some quiet time before the New Year gets here to take a good hard, honest look at where you were at in the beginning of the year, where you are right now and where you are going next year.

Taking stock of the past year made me realize just how grateful I am to be surrounded by some REALLY successful entrepreneurs. These folks have openly shared the stories behind their seemingly "overnight" success. What a great reminder for me to keep the faith and keep on doing what I am supposed to be doing … NO EXCUSES ALLOWED

The stories they tell of their challenges – near fatal sickness, multiple 6 figure debt, foreclosure, bankruptcy, terrible stuff that happened to them when they were kids … hammer home the point that EVERY successful person, at one time or another, had challenges and difficulties.

But, they found a reason to say "Oh, Yes I Can" and they just did it.

Even more inspiring, they have taken their stories and turned them into client and customer MAGNETS. Their MESS has become their MESSage !!

This past summer I was privileged to interview at least a least a half dozen 6 and 7 figure income earning entrepreneurs – network marketers and online marketers – on my Blog Talk Radio show. I received dozens of emails from people telling me just how grateful they were to finally hear the truth about how these folks had created their success.

People wrote to me to tell me that they were relieved to know that they weren't alone in their experience of struggle and self-doubt. They were relieved to know that everyone has struggled and doubted … wanted to QUIT … they were grateful to hear the unvarnished TRUTH. Their belief in themselves and their dreams was bolstered big time.

Never … Ever … Give Up on Yourself and Your Dreams! You were given those dreams for a REASON!

I am convinced that there is NO WAY TO FAIL as an entrepreneur unless you JUST GIVE UP!  I know, I know … sounds really cliche, but it’s the stone cold truth. There are simply too many people that have proven this to be the key factor to their success time after time.

Here are 3 simple things, that if done consistently, ultimately produce success:

  1. Keep building and improving your skills and knowledge (this builds self-confidence and your value to others)
  2. Keep increasing the number of people you expose to your products, services and business (market with your hair on fire)
  3. JUST DON’T QUIT (toddlers don't quit if they fall down a dozen times … they just pick themselves up and do it again)

That truly is the "secret" recipe to success in life and business.

Take a minute to write those 3 things down on Post-Its and stick them up EVERYWHERE … your computer, your desk, the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator door. Those constant reminders will keep you focused on what is really important! Every time you read one … simply say "Oh YES I can!" Guess what … You WILL because YOU said you CAN!

Every successful person that I know has great strengths and great weaknesses. What you choose to focus on and develop often determines how fast success comes to you. An honest assessment of what you are really good at and what gives you the willies helps to keep you moving forward.

Most people, myself included, have a tendency to focus on improving their weaknesses instead of super charging their strengths. Weaknesses are NOT an issue unless we let them become what we are experiencing struggle with.

There is more than one way to cook a chicken! (I own 5,000 cookbooks that prove it :-)) You just have to use the method that gives you the best results as effectively and efficiently as possible. You can always take the time to master something new later on.

Here are some great questions that will help you discover your strengths and charge up your results:

  • What am I really good at? (writing, meeting people, listening to people, making videos, speaking on the phone …)
  • What do I really dislike doing? ( live presentations, making videos, writing …)
  • What story do I tell myself about the thing that I dislike doing? (negative past experiences and results)
  • Why am I good at those other things? (positive previous experiences and results)
  • Can I keep on improving doing the things that I am good at? (resulting in total mastery)
  • Am I willing to do the things that I am good at consistently so that I give the results enough time to show up?
  • Am I willing to keep track of my results, use that information to help myself grow, and celebrate even the tiniest of results?

And here is the most important question to ask for 2011.

“What did my results in 2010 teach me and what can I do differently this year?”

When I got REALLY honest about 2010, I was able to create a new business strategy that I feel great about following.

  1. I took a look at how I was spending my time and I respectfully released and blessed alot of time vampires from my life.
  2. I chose to embrace a "No Excuses Allowed" mindset that allows me to just say "No" to that whiny, pitiful little voice that keeps on telling me to quit because the whole thing is a waste of time and that I am not good enough to do this.
  3. I realized that the coach I was working with wasn't the right coach for me. So I hired a coach whose results and philosophies mirror the results that I want for myself and the mission I have for my business.
  4. I reviewed each product, tool and service that I was paying for to build my business. I ruthlessly cut the fat.
  5. I set into place a work schedule that allows me to have enough time to maintain balance with work and life.
  6. I created an avatar of my perfect customers and clients based on solid research and testing. 
  7. I formulated a marketing strategy and calendar that will ensure I get my products and services in front of lots of the right people while providing huge value along the way… all focused around what I am really good at already.
  8. My intention is to invest in the right kind of training to learn additional skills when the time is right to do that.

This really is a BACK TO THE BASICS ACTION BASED business strategy that requires immediate implementation of everything I learn, measuring every result I get for every action I take, so that I can adjust my activities along the way. The end result showing up as a large list of raving fans and customers and a nice healthy profit in my business.

The BIG question is, "What did YOUR results in 2010 teach YOU and what can YOU do differently in 2011 to get the results YOU really want?"

I would love to hear from you about your experience of 2010 and what you are going to do in 2011 that will allow you to say "Oh YES … I CAN !!"

Feel free to share your comments below!

  Rose Mis is the author of “Dead Blogs Don’t Lie ~ 7 Secrets To A Wildly Popular High Traffic Blog” and the editor and publisher of The Frugal Networker Newsletter. She is the creator and Executive Chef of the internet's only Award Winning Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen. Rose is one of the top MLM / Network Marketing bloggers in the blogoshpere and is a featured blogger at thatMLMbeat.com. You are invited to stop by the Kitchen anytime you have any questions about blogging, marketing or mindset. Rose is here to help you get the results you are looking for as quickly and cost effectively as possible!

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