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Alpha Leadership Code

The Art of OWNING Lots of Mental Real Estate

Create Zealots For What You “SELL” and You Will Get Customers To Become Evangelists Who In Turn Build An Army Under YOUR PRODUCTS and SERVICES of Crazed Loyalists  ~ Joe Schroeder, The Alpha Code


“Social Tribes”… “Content Syndication Tribes” … BIG BUZZ words in online marketing and social networking circles right now … Just another FAD or a TIMELESS CLASSIC in human engineering …???

In 2008 Seth Godin posted this statement on his blog …

…people really want the ability to connect to each other, not to companies. So (the) permission is used to build a tribe, to build people who want to hear from the company because it helps them connect, it helps them find each other, it gives them a story to tell and something to talk about….

Instead of looking for customers for your products, you seek out products (and services) for the tribe. Jerry Garcia understood this. Do you?

Who does this work for? Try record companies and bloggers, real estate agents and recruiters, book publishers and insurance companies. It works for Andrew Weil and for Rickie Lee Jones and for Rupert at the WSJ… But it also works for a small web development firm or a venture capitalist.

People form tribes with or without us. The challenge is to work for the tribe and make it something even better.

If we move this concept to the arena of  INTERNET NETWORK MARKETING …

It is very easy to see WHO really gets this idea and has implemented it brilliantly …

Promoters With Purpose

Mike Dillard ~ BetterNetworker.com

Katie Freiling ~ TheUnifiedTribe.com

Kary Rogney ~ Tribe Syndication Network

Ken Pickard ~ Tribe Mastery for Social Buzz

George Fourie ~ thatMLMBeat.com


Self-promoters get results. PERIOD.

Did that statement make you ‘SQUIRM’ a bit ?

Did it make you feel UNCOMFORTABLE ?

Do YOU think that self-promotion is UNPROFESSIONAL ?

The WORST thing that anyone can ever do in their business career – online and offline – is to think … reflect … worry… or even entertain the idea that it is “yucky”, “sleazy” or ‘UNPROFESSIONAL’ to PROMOTE …

This was a HUGE obstacle for me to get over when I moved from offline to online ….

Heck … offline I am an amazing chef and my food is terrific and I have absolutely NO problem telling people that ….

Even better …MY STAFF (read the word TRIBE there) … was crazy about my food and THEY  told even MORE people how great the food was…

NO WONDER people bought my food like it was going out of style.

So why was it so HARD in the beginning to do the SAME THING online…???

Simple … I was all by myself in the beginning and I listened to bad advice from OTHER PEOPLE that didn’t have a clue about networking on the internet. I also had a really big self confidence issue because I wasn’t one of the “BIG BOYS” … 🙂 That makes me laugh now because I forgot one very simple thing … EVERYONE one of those “BIG BOYS’ started in EXACTLY the same place as me … with a whole lot of NOTHING and over time they simply got better and better by doing a little bit more each day !! Same way I became successful offline …. DUH !!

As I learned how to put everything together with my blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube,  my main goal became to serve and help as many people as possible… while keeping my eyes open for people who were open to working and learning these skills together with me … I was also looking to connect with other successful networkers to LEARN from THEM.

After alot of trial and error, I was able to connect and create great relationships with a huge number of other entrepreneurs and bloggers. One of those amazing people is George Fourie, creator and leader of thatMLMbeat.com.  Through thatMLMbeat, I have been able to get my questions answered quickly, connect with a whole group of amazing bloggers and I have found that there is tremendous POWER AND LEVERAGE with my “Tribe”.

The POWER of Purpose Driven Tribal Promotion

George just shot a video about the POWER of “Tribe Syndication” …

Take a few minutes to watch it …


Politicians promote. Rock Stars promote. Colleges and Universities promote. Restaurants and Chefs promote ;-).

Network Marketers have got to PROMOTE too …

BUT … they have to promote in the right way and a TRIBE can help with that BIG TIME …

Especially if they feel a tad awkward with self-promotion.

It seems that it is easier for human beings to promote OTHER people before they promote themselves.

That is one of the reasons that George Fourie created thatMLMbeat.com and one of the big reasons that every MLM / Network Marketing Blogger should consider joining the Tribe at thatMLMbeat.com.

If you are a blogger who truly understands and values the simple idea of adding value INTO other people and building relationships before pitching your “business opportunity” there is a place waiting for you at thatMLMbeat.com. There is a whole Tribe of people waiting to Tweet, Facebook and syndicate your information and get YOU in front of a lot of people that you would otherwise never had access to. And, if you are willing to reciprocate and create relationships with those folks … you NEVER KNOW where that could take you and your business.

thatMLMbeat is quickly becoming an authority blog and social network. It is a highly respected voice for industry news and information. Getting your blog syndicated on thatMLMbeat will allow you to become part of something that is far bigger than building a downline in your business opportunity. It will allow you to become part of a blogging tribe  of network marketing professionals in which everyone respects one others individual businesses and team members … all the while helping each other to grow, learn, contribute  and reach their full potential more quickly than flying solo could ever allow.

Take a minute to explore the possibilities that are available to you at  thatMLMbeat.com and meet some of the Tribe !!

Here’s to promoting YOU !!

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