Did you know that, just like Curious George, people LOVE to snoop? If you pique people’s curiosity, they will always want to find out more.

Frank Kern talks about the “Triangle of Trust”…people get to know you, people get to like you and then people start trusting you and want to do business with you.

This same principle can be used to market a network marketing business opportunity, an affiliate product or one of your own products.

I call it Medicine Cabinet Marketing because when you invite people to your home and they use the bathroom…it is a good bet that they will check out your Medicine Cabinet because they are curious…and want to find out more about you.

Your marketing sales funnel can be set up much in the same way.

Meet someone on Twitter, invite them to your Facebook page and then point them in the direction of your online medicine cabinetyour blog. Trust me…they will check everything out if they are interested.

There is no pitching involved…no hard selling…and no hard closing.

People get to check everything out on their own…they will either buy..say no…or ask for more information all on their own. If they buy, they have closed themselves and will not experience buyer’s remorse.

They are more likely to stay motivated and stay with you as a customer or a business partner for a lot longer than the typical 2-3 month average. And this creates a win-win situation for everyone

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