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The Top 50 MLM Blogs Contest for 2010 Is Now Open And YOU Are Invited To Submit YOUR Blog Into The Running !!

Take a few minutes to watch George Fourie discussing the Contest.

EVERYONE that blogs about ANYTHING RELATED to our fantastic industry should enter their blog.

The BENEFITS are enormous … more on that after the video 🙂

I hope that you are as excited about this amazing opportunity as I am !!

Remember that I said I would discuss the benefits of entering this contest with you …???

Well … Let me tell you a little story about MY blog 😉

If you are in a rush and don't want to read my story …

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Fill out the entry form and you are all set.

George has provided some additional information on that page that you should read !!


The Attraction Marketing Training Kitchen Blog


August and September 2009 were very interesting months for me and network marketing. I had spent a good 5 months looking into at least a dozen network marketing opportunities trying to find one that was a good fit for me. I had also used that time to get some coaching to get me back up to speed with "How To MLM In 2009". EVERYTHING had changed over the past few years and I was out of touch with what was working best and what wasn't.

I did know one thing … I needed to have a blog. Since I didn't have a network marketing business opportunity to recruit anyone into, I thought I was at a HUGE disadvantage in writing a blog that would have any meaning to the network marketing community.

Boy oh boy … was I ever wrong. I was taking a look at how people were writing network marketing related blogs. The most popular blogs were all focused around teaching the fundamentals of attraction marketing, list building, how to MLM properly, personal growth and self-development, internet marketing, social media marketing. VERY few of those blogs had anything to do with a specific company. So, I decided to blog about what I know about marketing and mindset …  knowledge and skills that I picked up as a Pro Chef, long time student of personal transofrmation and from my on-again off-again network marketing endeavors.

I blogged very heavily for the first month (October 2009), getting some core content in place that would be the foundation for the blog. And, right around that time, George Fourie and hit my radar. He had just released his now famous "Top 50 MLM Blogs of 2009". I went to each and every one of those blogs (think traffic because if I did this, alot of other people did the same thing :-)). My goodness, George had really compiled a "Who's Who" of the best MLM Blogs on the internet. And, by studying what everyone else was doing, I was able to see what was missing and how I could make a valuable contribution to the community as well. I commented on people's blogs (think backlinks and traffic to MY blog) and I also commented on George's original post at

My commenting on other people's blogs opened the door to a whole new world and opportunity for me.  In late October, I received an email from George asking me to submit MY blog for consideration to be included on the "Top MLM Blog Watchlist For 2010". Stunned and flattered probably is an understatement for how I felt. I was actually shocked when I realized that people were READING my content and liking it :-). Well, I did submit my blog and when I found out that it was included on the 2010 Watchlist, things changed in a big way for me. My information received alot of exposure and I started connecting with people that I would never have had access to before. George and I have become GREAT friends and when it comes to blogging I consider him to be a most helpful trusted advisor.

All of that lead to MORE OPPORTUNITY for me.  I started studying WordPress, plug-ins, blogging strategies, SEO, Keyword Research, Copy Writing ,,, literally anything and everything about blogging that I could find that would help me provide great content to share with everyone and help them get the results they were looking for with their blogs. I put together small group blogging classes focused around teaching new bloggers how to get their blogs up and running quickly.  I wrote "Dead Blogs Don't Lie – The Seven Secrets To A Wildly Popular Highly Trafficked Blog". I was also honored by George himself when he asked me to be a guest blogger for where I blog about anything and everything related to BLOGGING !!


The benefits of all the exposure that I have received for submitting my blog to have been enormous!!

  • Relationships and friendships with people that add TRUE VALUE to me and my business
  • Enormous exposure in a VERY competitive niche
  • My optin list has EXPLODED
  • Additional revenue
  • An Alexa rating of 210,892 worldwide and 48, 639 in the US compared to 750,000 a year ago
  • OTHER bloggers seek my advice about blogging
  • And a whole lot more ….

So, whether you're a blogger who is just starting out, a seasoned veteran or a network marketer focused on personal development or any other topic related to our industry, this contest is for YOU!

Even if you think you will never make the official Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2010, you have the opportunity to gain MASSIVE exposure, increase your readership and get feedback from industry experts.

George will be releasing Top MLM Blog reviews starting Monday, 13 September.

As of mid early October, George will be announcing the Top 10 MLM Blogs for the week every Thursday night @10pm EST USA on thatMLMbeat.TV

November 25 will be the day that George announces the official Top 50 MLM Blogs for 2010!

I  encourage you to submit your blog TODAY!! 

The benefits are H U G E !!


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