I have to admit it … My blog is my pride and joy.

I take the time to post information that I believe really helps people. And since my readership is growing … I know that the folks that read my blog believe the same thing.

This Saturday at midnight (EST) … On BlogTalkRadio.com ~ Entrepreneurs Dish…

My blog is getting REVIEWED LIVE by one of the

top bloggers in the network marketingGeorge_Fourie industry …

George Fourie from Perth, Australia.

George is the founder of thatMLMbeat.com… a VERY exciting blog and social network which is proving to be a HUGE service to the entire network marketing industry. George’s community promotes network marketers who provide authentic value through blogging.

George describes himself as just a regular guy who is living the good life…a drummer, surfer, internet network marketer, blogger and enthusiastic dad! …sounds like a GREAT life 😉

George is a GO-GIVER of the first class.

Last week he offered FREE blog reviews to PRO members of thatMLMbeat.com. When I heard about this great opportunity … I jumped all over it.

I recently wrote an e-Book … Dead Blogs Don’t Lie … which goes into the mindset that a successful blogger needs to have to create a really solid blog that serves as a virtual business “asset”. So…I have decided to put my own blog up for SERIOUS scrutiny. Since blogging is really a long term business investment for me … I want to be sure that I am going in the right direction and truly serving people well with my information.

George has very graciously agreed to conduct my BLOG REVIEW LIVE so that others can benefit from from it as well !!! George will also be talking about thatMLMbeat.com and sharing some of his future plans for the community with us !!!

I am honored to have George as my guest on the show this week. Please feel free to call in and be a part of the show if you have a question for George. He will be glad to answer as many questions as possible !!! You can connect with George at thatMLMbeat.com

The call is Saturday MIDNIGHT (EST) … April 10, 2010…

(646) 915-8293 is the call in number….

Or visit Entrepreneurs Dish on Blog Talk Radio to join us LIVE !!!
Can’t wait to hear from you !!!

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