What a great week Scott Manesis and I have been having with our guests on Blog Talk Radio !! Such a diverse group of people, each having  a very unique story to share with us.  Simply extraordinary !!

Typically, summer time is a time of year when most network marketers stop working their businesses. There are lots of distractions and LOTS of fun things to be doing that have nothing to do with building a business. However, what I have found over the years is that the network marketers that succeed in this business work like crazy during the summer. And that is what Scott and I are focusing on in this interview series. How to make it happen BIG TIME in network marketing… directly from the mouths of those who have done it and are still doing it EVERY day!!

[stextbox id=”custom” color=”a91104″ bcolor=”b31204″ bgcolor=”dedba5″]Today we interviewed Derek and Monique Alvarez ~ DriveTheLine.com in the morning and Mia Davies ~ MiaDavies.com later on in the evening !! As different as their stories are, when you listen to the interviews you will hear some startling similarities … and those similarities are “The Holy Grail of Success In Network Marketing”.[/stextbox]

Monique and Derek spe­cial­ize in help­ing peo­ple achieve suc­cess in their busi­ness ven­tures by pro­vid­ing the vision, train­ing, sup­port and tools nec­es­sary to accom­plish their goals both offline and online. This young couple made a decision to work together and found a way to leverage their knowledge, passions and strengths to create a successful business for themselves.  How are they able to do this … ??? By doing it  … every day …

You can listen to the show by clicking the link below !!

Monique And Derek Alvarez ~ What To Do To Achieve Massive Success

Mia Davies

Mia Davies

Mia is helping people create success in MLM both offline and online. She was able to personally sponsor over 80 people in her first 6 months in network marketing using traditional offline approaches.  However, she turned to the internet as a way to leverage her time and generate consistent, quality leads. She has  now become the #1 female recruiter and one of the top 10 recruiters in her network marketing company. In some circles she is referred to as “The Video Marketing Queen”.  How was she able to do this …???  By doing it … every day …

You can listen to the show by clicking the link below …

Mia Davies ~ Speech Therapist To MLM Video Marketing Queen

We have a great lineup of folks for next week’s series of interviews. Tune in for our preview show this coming Monday evening at 7:00 pm EST !! We’ll be talking about the week’s upcoming interviews and we will also have a special guest on the show with us who has a very interesting take on the VALUE of this interview series !!

Remember, your success for 2010 just might depend on what you do the next 90 days!!

Have you taken the time to write a 90 day game plan for Summer 2010 …???

If you have any questions about writing a 90 day game plan for yourself … let me know in the comments below !!!

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Have a GREAT weekend everyone !!

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