Hey there !! Hope that you are having an AWE-full week 😉 !!

The Eddie Van Halen  article that I wrote last week was such a big hit at thatMLMbeat, I decided to write a series about the M & M’s of blogging!!

So …. this week the M & M’s of blogging are Metrics and Management.

Eddie Van Halen’s Brown M & M story illustrates the importance of having and using systems and tools that allow you to know if there are potential problems looming on the horizon. Once something has been identified as a potential hazard, it usually is fairly simple to evaluate the supporting data and create an effective plan of corrective action.

When it comes to analyzing your blog’s effectiveness, every network marketer should be using analytics of some sort.  [click here to read the rest of the article]

I very seldom do this …

But, in the case of Frank Kern, who I consider to be one of the top five “Evil (as in so smart that he takes my breath away) Internet Marketing Geniuses” on the planet today wrote an awesome blog post today and this information is simply too good for me not to share with you.

Suffice it to say, if you are easily offended by “truck driver” language … this might not be a good blog post for you to read. On the other hand, it will expose to you how the highest paid copywriter and internet marketer in the business writes … it is a GREAT lesson in marketing that gives a great lesson in what builds a list of raving fans that will buy pretty much ANYTHING you recommend to them. Frank says that it is “the world’s single biggest secret to success … EVER.”

AND … as if THAT isn’t enough … he is also giving away a 20+ page report that called “Three Ways To Triple Your Income This Summer.”

You can read all about it here: http://frankkern.com/?p= 4

You will need to give Frank your email address to get the free information. And in return, he will give you a referral link that looks like this http://www.crazymarketingtales.com/index.php?refCode=3499 that you can forward onto other people to get even more information from him.

This is his Good Karma List Machine technology in action and it is brilliant. It is the technology that I use to market Dead Blogs Don’t Lie … and it has been very effective in building  my blogging email list.

That’s all for today. I have to finish packing for my trip to Las Vegas tomorrow … I get to meet a whole new TEAM of people and billion dollar branding expert this weekend !!  I am already on that plane F L Y I N G  to SIN CITY!!
IN-Joy ….

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