Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate ~  Sun Tzu (544-496 BC) ancient Chinese military general and strategist….

Maybe Sun Tzu should have been a network marketer…???


Over the past couple of days I bore witness to some of the most brilliant marketing that I have seen in a very long time…

My coach Diane Hochman shot a VERY CONTROVERSIAL video called….

Does Driving Traffic EQUAL Having a Business


Well..who knew that it would cause such a CONTROVERSY….

Lots of folks on Facebook commented on the video….

Another marketer actually shot a video IN RESPONSE to Diane's video…

Things got PRETTY INTERESTING to say the least….

Diane has always taught people how to build businesses based on sound fundamentals…

NOT the "bright shiny object" of the week….

You know what I mean….

Fundamentals that create EVERGREEN BUSINESSES….

You know…businesses that stand the test of time and technology…


One of the key factors in building an evergreen business is INFLUENCE

Influence and developing into a strong LEADER are the ONLY things that allow you to have TRUE FREEDOM and WEALTH….

Diane did a video a couple of months ago talking about what she calls "The Flavor of The Week Syndorme"


Now here is where I want you to put on your thinking caps….

Who are you getting your training from….??? 

Are they teaching you to build an EVERGREEN BUSINESS…


Are they teacing you how to use all of the wonderful technology out there…

All of the wonderful tricks of the trade…

Because if they are…

I want you think about this really hard…..

What happens if Google or any of the other search engines for that matter go pfffffttttttttt…???

What happens when video marketing no longer works….???

What happens when Twitter and Facebook are no longer fashionable…???

Sure I use all of those things to build my business on the internet….

But…I know that with the foundation that I have laid….

I will be JUST FINE if the internet blows up….and goes pfffffffttttt tomorrow !!!

Will you still have a business that is going to put food on your table and pay your bills…???

Did you learn how to have a successful business in spite of technology….???


Are you and your business going to go pffffftttttt too…???

If you have no INFLUENCE ….noone will follow you….

If you have noone following you…you are not a LEADER….


They already have the core of what it takes to be SUCCESSFUL in spite of anything….

Mike Dillard… brilliant man that he is….just did a blog post about this…

I suggest that you take a minute to read it….


If you already have IT… you are in great shape….

If not…do something about getting IT…today !!

If you are up to it…here's some homework for you….

After watcing the first two videos…

Tell me why you think  Sun Tzs's Ninja Code applies to network marketing MORE THAN EVER TODAY….

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